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Suh Leads Preliminary Heisman Poll at, who claims to have correctly predicted the Heisman winner seven out of the last eight years, has their initial projection out there, and the early returns has #93, Ndamukong Suh, in the lead with 59 ballots counted. The projection takes into account regional biases, so that trims Suh's early results...but Suh still shows up in the lead.

Before Husker fans get too worked up, note that many of the early voters are Nebraska media members: Tom Shatel, Lee Barfknecht, Sean Callahan, and Brian Christopherson. Tonight, Travis Justice announced a first-place vote for Suh.

As one would expect, the Kansas City Star's resident college football whackjob Mike DeArmond voted Tim Tebow #1 and Colt McCoy #2. Not sure what he's been watching, but it's not college football. I can accept his vote for Danario Alexander for #3; Alexander deserves some love after getting stiffed badly for the Biletnikoff award.

National writers Joe Schad of ESPN and Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated have Suh #1 as well. ESPN's Ivan Maisel gave Suh a #3 vote.

Last night's game truly might have ignited a groundswell of support for Mr. Suh; this "Suh for Heisman" campaign might actually be a realistic goal