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Burnt Orange: The Revenge

Scene opens with a television reporter:

Nebraska Head Coach Bo Pelini and Defensive Coordinator Carl Pelini have not been with the team as they prepare to face Texas on Saturday. Athletic Director Tom Osborne had no comment on where his coaches are at or what they are doing....

Scene: Wooded hillside in Virginia. We see Bo and Carl Pelini hiking up the hill.

Carl: We need to be back in Nebraska, Bo. We don't have to do this

Bo: You know why we're here...

Carl: You don't know where he's at, what he's doing, or even if he'll help us.

Bo: I'll try anything to win this game. You know what's at stake. My hate for Texas is more than displeasure with working with anyone. Texas will own us no more.
Scene focuses on a large man chopping wood. He has his hood up and is facing away from the camera.

Un-named man: You shouldn't have come here. I'm done with Big 12 football.

Bo: So you know why we're here?

Un-named man:..........

Carl: You know what's at stake. Nebraska can't beat Texas without your help. You can't just sit here and do nothing while Texas wins the Big 12 Championship!

(un-named man continues to chop wood)

Carl: We've wasted our time; he's no good to us.

Bo: (To the un-known man) Is this how you want to be remembered? You've done horrible things in the North. This is your one chance at redemption!

Un-named man pauses.

Bo: Give us the secret to beating Texas! You're the only one in the North to crack the code!

Un-named man: I'm doing this for me. (he turns around and pulls down his hood)


Ron Prince: Let's go hook us some horns.

This is our secret weapon Texas. We're calling in Ron Prince! Tremble in fear of he that owns you!