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Corn Flakes: Texas is Going Down

Ok I don't like this match-up. NU's offense is well we've said enough abut that, Texas is playing in Texas (of course they are, the B12 has to cater to Texas, poor Texas) but what worries me most is that this Texas team feels that they should have been in the National Title game last year. They feel slighted and have been motivated all season to make it to the championship game. Remember Nebraska in 1994? Same motivation.

Now there is hope despite what the experts say. Look at Texas' schedule. They have not played any elite defenses beyond OU, and not really any challenges all season. There was that tough win @ Wyoming I guess... They do get credit for showing up for the harder games on their schedule, they thumped a good OSU team, and beat Texas Tech.

I'd love nothing more to wreck Texas' season. Let's call all those close losses to Texas as payments for a gut punching loss we can give Texas tonight. Wreck it Red.

Just a few links today. You know what's up. - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - Huskers, Horns is strength vs. strength 2009 Big 12 Champ. Preview - Texas vs. Neb

What will happen: Nebraska will hang around for a quarter as the defense comes up with a few nice stops on decent Texas drives, but the Husker offense will go nowhere. The focus will be on McCoy and the Nebraska defense, but the star of the show will be a Texas D that will play at another level after struggling last week against the Aggies. Nebraska’s third down conversion percentage will be a disaster, McCoy and the UT offense will come up with just enough scores to take a lead, and then things will open up late as Nebraska starts to make mistakes leading to a Longhorn win and a trip to Pasadena.

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