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Cornflakes Wants A Working Sonic Blaster!

Hey, BON's been running some Nebraska preview stuff, so if you'd like head over there and tell them where they're wrong. Be nice, though, it is their place, and they were pretty decent when they visited us over here.

Hopefully after tomorrow night they hate us.

Handling the Huskers' defense
the statesman spoke with an unnamed coach who played both Nebraska and Texas. That dadgummed coach gave the stateman ideas on how to handle Ndamukong Suh and Jared Crick. He did not mention bashing their knees with a lead pipe, so that rules out Missouri, nor getting them high before the game, so there goes Colorado.- JJ Dave Rimington Says - Let It Hang Loose

But I would say they’ll probably have to open it up because it will be hard to contain Texas’s offense by just running the football. I think this is a game that you let it all hang out. The expectation level throughout the country isn’t that high for Nebraska. If you have a few trick plays you’ve been saving all year, I think this is the time to use them. You can do some things with the passing game that you haven’t the last few weeks. Then again, you don’t want to throw the ball every down like earlier in the year. They have some talent on offense. They just have to utilize it. Start with the run game and see if you can get it going, then mix in some play-action passes. And every once in a while, when the opportunity presents itself, like on sudden change, try to surprise some people by throwing downfield. It’s about getting momentum and staying on it.

Dave Rimington's thoughts on the game, including a prediction, which you need to go to to see.


Pelini, Nebraska have the formula to beat Texas

"I believe we have to play mistake-free defense, and we have to play mistake-free offense, too," senior safety Larry Asante said. "Special teams, too. We have to put it together as a team and we have to play our best football all year to beat those guys."

Big 12 title game prediction favors the Longhorns - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

The South Division has dominated play in the Big 12 in recent years. It will be up to Nebraska to turn things around and provide some competition.....

Tim Griffin's prediction, like pretty much everyone else, favors the Longhorns in the upper 20 to lower teen range. - JJ

Kiszla: Nebraska's Suh deserves Heisman - The Denver Post
"The Heisman Trophy is our country's favorite beauty pageant. It's more about being photogenic than playing football. So rather than Mr. Stiff Arm, how 'bout we give the winner Miss America's crown?" Another columnist shows Mister Suh some Heisman love. - HM

Nebraska fruitcake goes national
When I first saw this headline I thought I was finally getting some recognition somewhere. Damn. - JJ

Captain Leach gets his honorary sword

Texas Tech boosters give Mike Leach an honorary pirate sword and a kidnapped Texas A&M cadet to run through with his new toy, who was hacked into small bits, thrown into the bouillabaisse and fed to all in attendance.

He got an engraved rolex too. Wow. You know, I'm a big fan of old 50s Sci Fi movies... you know, "Invaders from Mars", that kind of stuff? I want someone to send me a working sonic blaster. Christmas is coming....... - JJ