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Questions for The Texas Longhorns That Husker Fans Want To Ask

Normally what you'd get this week is me doing a Q&A with the lead guy of the Texas site, Burnt Orange Nation (BON). Instead, what we've decided to do is to try to bring our two communities together for some football geekin'.

That means - I'll ask a bunch of questions about Texas, and Peter will invite his community over here to answer them. I know that BON has some football geeks over there, and I'm pretty sure we've got them here, so it could be a lot of fun.

In order for this to work, people need to remain civil. This isn't a thread for smack-talk or trolling, and if comments like that arise, I'll delete them.

Consider these "starter" questions. You're free to ask your own (on both sides) and start whatever game and football-related questions you like.


- What is it that ‘Horns fans have against Greg Davis?

- Does Texas come into this game healthy?

When Texas Has The Ball:

- How much game planning do you expect (offensive coordinator) Greg Davis to do around Nebraska's two tackles, Ndamukong Suh and Jared Crick?

- Let's say Nebraska takes away the deep ball and effectively stops the zone read. That gives Colt McCoy the under routes. Is this the best approach to stopping the ‘Horn offense?

- Both defenses are highly ranked, played similar competition all season. This game sets itself up to be a slugfest similar to the game both teams played against Oklahoma. Why do you think otherwise, or do you feel the same way?

When Nebraska Has the Ball:

- Nebraska will be running a lot of heavy sets, obviously. Do you expect that (defensive coordinator) Will Muschamp will be stacking the box, or will he play base, believing that is good enough to stop the Huskers on offense?

- What are the soft spots on your defense that Nebraska can exploit?

Special Teams

Nebraska has had extraordinary special teams play this season. What does Texas have going for them here?