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Cornflakes - TCU Could Be The Best Team in Texas FOREVER!

Here's some cats to make you feel better. Oh.... wait.....
Here's some cats to make you feel better. Oh.... wait.....

Jlew is out the next few days, which means you're stuck with the cynical old guy.

I'm trying to avoid posting articles that are following the same threads.....   1996 Texas upsets Nebraska, Texas defense skewered by Texas A&M, Nebraska's offense sucks and they have to play a perfect game. Fact is, pretty much all that's been covered, but not in detail. In other words, there isn't much specific to each article, just every media outlet making sure they covered the game so that Google will find them some hits.

I did say "cynical old guy" didn't I?

What happens if Texas loses? A last-second chaos primer - Dr. Saturday

Matt.... Matt... Matt.... you have this all wrong. ALL WRONG. Not once in your article do you say the following: - The phrase "Nebraska wins".

- Husker fans go bat shit crazy

- Birth rates in Nebraska sky rocket in nine months

- Texas fans who previously "respected" Nebraska because they've beat us a lot lately vow to hate us until their last gasping breath (which would suit me just fine).

- Longhorn fans are FOREVER plagued by TCU fans calling themselves the best team in Texas, and they do it wherever and whenver they can. They'll probably set up their own holiday around it, create shopping themes "Come and

How can you write an entire article about Texas losing without mentioning any of that? I am deeply disappointed in you. - JJ

Best of the Big 12 - Slanted In The Other Direction
The Austin-American Statesman released their own All-Big 12 team. Similar to the coaches All-Big 12 team, except that there aren't two Husker defensive backs on the first-team defense. Larry Asante and Prince Amukamara were removed and replaced with Jamar Wall from Texas Tech and Aaron Williams from (gasp!) Texas. I'm guessing their might be some educatin' in order soon. - JJ

Walter Camp Announces Five Finalists for 2009 Player of the Year Award
Ndamukong Suh is a finalist for the Walter Camp Award, along with Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, Case Keenum and Mark Ingram.

Pelini, Nebraska have the formula to beat Texas

"I believe we have to play mistake-free defense, and we have to play mistake-free offense, too," senior safety Larry Asante said. "Special teams, too. We have to put it together as a team and we have to play our best football all year to beat those guys." Dave Rimington Says - Let It Hang Loose

But I would say they’ll probably have to open it up because it will be hard to contain Texas’s offense by just running the football. I think this is a game that you let it all hang out. The expectation level throughout the country isn’t that high for Nebraska. If you have a few trick plays you’ve been saving all year, I think this is the time to use them. You can do some things with the passing game that you haven’t the last few weeks. Then again, you don’t want to throw the ball every down like earlier in the year. They have some talent on offense. They just have to utilize it. Start with the run game and see if you can get it going, then mix in some play-action passes. And every once in a while, when the opportunity presents itself, like on sudden change, try to surprise some people by throwing downfield. It’s about getting momentum and staying on it.

Dave Rimington's thoughts on the game, including a prediction, which you need to go to to see.- JJ

Bars encouraged to end price wars

Downtown Lincoln Bars next to the UNL campus are being encouraged by local authorities to voluntarily end the price war…that is allowing young people to get drunk for very little money.

Well, what the hell are they supposed to do to get college kids off the Internet? - JJ