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Cornflakes Like The Huskers - No Hangovers

Christmas has come and gone and I hope everyone survived all right. You didn't see a "Wish You A Merry Christmas" post here at CN because I got what I asked for - a Xbox 360 - and spent most of the day playing COD 4 online. It's great fun, even though I have the reaction time of a sloth and the aiming skills of a .... sloth. 

It's an amazing time-waster, but since we didn't make it to Western Nebraska to see family, it's not so bad. Oh, and I got some Husker slippers. They're nice, but real cheesy looking - a perfect present. 

Cornflakes is a little sparse, but that simply means we have to cast the net wider than normal. Hey, at least there's football today. 

Frank Solich's Ohio Bobcats take on Marshall in the Little Caesar's Bowl at noon. Bowl games are supposed to be a a reward for a good season - getting to go to Detroit? Ack! 

You've got North Carolina vs. Pitt in the Meineke Car Care Bowl at 3:30 pm, and then the Emerald Bowl with USC vs Boston College tonight at 7:00 pm. 

I'll be watching Frank just to see him on the sideline. Tonight - will USC care enough to win their bowl game? 

Game Day Notes - Boston College
Speaking of the Emerald Bowl - Conquest Chronicles has chronicled a number of sites who are declaring the demise of the Trojans. - JJ

Are recruiting hoaxes the new new thing? | Smart Football
No doubt we all remember the ridiculous Kevin Hart hoax, where he invented a recruiting race for his services between Cal and Oregon..... well, in this one a young man convinces a high school he's a recruiter. Uh, wow. - JJ

Concession Stand Blog: Some Holiday Bowl help
Mandy from the Concession Stand Blog gives Arizona and Nebraska fans some tips about where to eat in San Diego. Check 'em out! - JJ

NU arrives in San Diego
San Diego looks pretty darned good right now, even if their weather isn't perfect, eh? I have it on good authority that once they see the whale, offense will magically come to them. We'll see how much affect that really has. - JJ

Dr. Saturday's All-Decade Team: The Defense
Doc Saturday's All-Decade Team includes Ndamukong Suh on the defense, as well it should.

The Top 20 Most Valuable College Football Teams lists Nebraska as the fourth most valuable college football team. A nice gesture, but as business magazines go, Forbes is a piece of crap. Still, the fact that a state of 1.8M people can generate that much income through the football program is pretty darned impressive, no? - JJ 

Husker Volleyballers Finish Fifth
Other Big 12 teams include #2 Texas, #6 Iowa STate, #20 Baylor, and #21 Texas A&M. That's not a bad finish for as young as the team was. - JJ

Wildcats plan a new look for bowl game

The Arizona Wildcats will receive their Christmas presents Wednesday night when the team dons new white helmets for their Holiday Bowl game against Nebraska.

When I saw this headline, I immediately thought that the Wildcats would be coming up with a new offensive wrinkle to thwart Nebraska's defense. No, it's just white helmets. You know why they're doing that, right? To confuse our quarterback into throwing to the wrong receivers. Those sneaky bastards. - JJ

ARIZONA IN DRIVER'S SEAT: Hangover could hurt 'Huskers

Nebraska is disappointed in its postseason destination and must cope with the hangover of an emotional defeat to Texas.

Surprisingly, I haven't been hurt by a hangover in the last couple of days, but as far as the Huskers go - NOT!!!! - JJ