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Big 12 Cob Of the Week - Colorado And It's Fan Base, DirecTV, Mark Mangino, and T Boone Pickens?

We need a video of that shows me running out of a tractor, sees flying cobs in the air then starts shouting "The cobs, the cobs!" just like that dude on Fantasy Island did years ago.

Or maybe not. Whatcha think?

Husker Mike:

My nomination goes to the entire University of Colorado and their fan base. Their fan base refuses to support the program, leaving the athletic department deep in debt and unable to pay off their previous failed coach, let alone pay off their current failed coach. So that leaves their athletic director and Chancellor to stammer around and come up with excuses to keep Dan Hawkins. Long pauses while they thought of ways to avoid admitting they're broke. Then more insulting statements to what fans they have.

Then finally, "Ten Wins No Excuses" Hawkins offered "Ten Excuses"...or rather, the excuse that the Buffies were "10 plays from a bowl game". Now, I don't know what plays those were, but I'd suggest that one of them might have been the Niles Paul punt return last week. If Paul would have flipped the ball to a Buffalo defender like Jake Wesch did last season instead of taking a punt to the house, that 14 point swing would have been enough to get another win. Keep reversing touchdowns, and there's probably 3 or 4 more wins on the Buffs schedule. If only those other teams would have gifted points to the Buffs like they had originally schemed, all would be wonderful in BuffyWorld...

A second nomination goes to DirecTV. I had to spend Saturday out of town and had to hunt all around to find the Texas Tech/Baylor game. The regular FSN Midwest channel was blacked out, allegedly for a St. Louis Blues game. The adjacent FSN Kansas City channel was also blacked out. All through the dial, I found channel after channel claiming to be showing the game...but since we didn't pay for the sports package, we couldn't get it. Finally dug it out on channel 652 which wasn't even labeled a FSN channel. Go figure. Then immediately after the game ended, cut to black and the feed terminated. No postgame report on any of the FSN channels I tried; the others were still blacked out. Oh, and you still have that stupid Versus lie on your channel listing. Yeah, DirecTV is better than cable. Not.


From preseason favorites to win the B12 North to (probably) being fired is reason enough to choose Mark Mangino as a cob nominee this week. There are plenty more reasons, the Kansas AD Lew Perkins pulling his support and throwing his own coach under a bus amid allegations that Mangino is abusive to his players, as if he were completely unaware of what was happening all along.

Then you get to the end of the game against hated blood rival Missouri. Mangino has the win if he can run out the clock. The Jayhawks run two pass plays, then a quarterback draw. Reesing gets tackled in the end zone for a Missouri safety. What did Mangino tell his players before they went onto the field, to make sure the next three plays are the worst possible sequence of plays in their career. It sure looked like it.

Mangino has no one to blame for his problems than himself. It seems that you can be a jerk when you are winning, but no one will support a jerk who is losing. Everyone understands that. If you're too arrogant to think that you'll never be losing at some point, then you get what you deserve.

Jon Johnston:

That leaves me with... Oklahoma State. or Mike Gundy. I can't decide. Let's take the Mike Gundy angle first. Oklahoma State, looking to secure their chance at a BCS bowl, goes into Norman last week, with Zac Robinson back, and gets destroyed 27-0. Blanked. Zero'ed, goose egged. Bent over, basically. BCS bowl hopes, gone. It's not just one game, though. Earlier this season, the Cowboys get the Longhorns at their home in Stillwater and they do what they do in every big game - they lay down and die, 41-14.

Oklahoma State needs to beat two teams (or maybe just one???) to prove that they can compete with the big boys. Against those two teams they get outscored 68-0.

My quandary is this - do you blame Mike Gundy, or can he be blamed when it's the nature of Oklahoma State football to be that guy you work with who tells you about all the great things he's going to do but never has the guts to get them done when the time comes?

T Boone Pickens is starting to look like that guy, too, and the longer Gundy sticks around without winning some big games, the more both look like clowns. So... what do you think? It's the nature of Oklahoma State, it's Mike Gundy, or it's the combination of Gundy, Oklahoma State, and Pickens. I'm going with the latter - maybe they belong together just like the Marx Brothers.