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Corn Flakes Could Fix the BCS

I don't want to go to the Big 10. I like playing schools that are close to Nebraska. You can easily get to games at ISU, KU, KSU, and CU and MU are not that far away. Moving to the B10 would mean that Iowa would be the closest away game. I say boooo to the Big 10, go get the Irish and be done with it.

Husker offense going back to basics

Really? I thought our offense was pretty basic to begin with. I guess you have to start somewhere...

NE - Don't Get Comfy

McKewon thinks that the depth chart won't be set coming into next year.

Well, yeah. Bo Pelini darn near wrote the book for the last half of NU's season. It's not like Watson would draw the shell of a hermit crab on greaseboard and proclaim to his quarterbacks "Boys – the new attack!" Pelini gambled, placed all of his chips on the equivalent of the pass line at the craps table, and watched opposing offenses try – and miserably fail - to break the house defense.

Tim Tebow, USC Trojans dominate college football decade - 2000s: The Decade in Sports -

WORST COACHING HIRE: Bill Callahan, Nebraska In 2003, then-AD Steve Pedersen fired sixth-year coach Frank Solich (despite his .750 winning percentage) and replaced him with the ex-Oakland Raiders coach. The school's first outside hire in 42 years, Callahan scrapped Nebraska's long-synonymous option offense in favor of an NFL-style passing attack, alienated fans and former players, oversaw the program's first losing season since 1961 and won one division title in four seasons. His last team (in 2007) went 5-7 and allowed a school-record 455 points.

Now this is sure to have everyone grabbing their axes (to grind), but here we go. Look BC was a bad coach. But NU had already started to slide after TO retired, BC was able to put together some good offenses, and lastly it wasn't as bad as it could have been. NU was not put on probation, nor was NU bilked for millions of dollars (see Ron Prince). BC's in the conversation, but I don't think it's a slam dunk answer. Go ahead and freak out in the comments section.

Minor earthquake rattles SE Nebraska

No mention is Suh was the cause

How about Big 14? --

f the Big Ten goes to 14 or even Nebraska a candidate? If the Big Ten just adds one team, they'll go for a media market like Rutgers or Syracuse. But if they add three or five schools, they can't go for smaller programs for fear of further diluting their product. While Nebraska doesn't help the Big Ten with media penetration, the national following and strong overall program improves the perception of the Big Ten nationally. -HM

State College, PA - There Is No 'A' In BCS

Jay Paterno has an idea to fix the BCS..

The new BCS ratings would include a third component to rank the teams. While computer polls and human polls make up the current rankings, my new BCS poll would utilize those rankings as 2/3 of the equation while adding the graduation rates of the top 25 BCS schools into the formula to come up with a complete ranking.

I like it.

Vote Suh For The AT&T ESPN All-America Player Of The Year -(DXP)

More info at the link-

Fans can vote by texting VOTE to 345345, regardless of their wireless carrier. They will then automatically receive a text message with the nominees as well as be entered to win a trip to the 2011 National Championship Game. (Standard text messaging and data rates apply and you are able to vote 1 msg/week.) - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - A persistent route pays off for Kinnie

Kinnie is going to be great next year.

Husker linebacker Williams given scholarship release

NU linebackers coach Mike Ekeler said Williams still wasn’t ready to return from a knee injury suffered in high school.

Sucks to see him go. We wish him the best.

Smith waiting in the wings at safety for NU

If you believe P.J. Smith will be a starting safety for Nebraska next season, don’t tell him. He already hears enough such talk from his friends back home in River Ridge, La. Although flattering, that’s hard for Smith, who says he’s trying to focus on finishing this season first.