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Off-Season Column Seeks a Name: Kelsey Griffin Should Be A Star

Should have star status in Nebraska - what's it going to take?????
Should have star status in Nebraska - what's it going to take?????

Women's Basketball - Kelsey Griffin Should Be A Star

Corn Nation has found a basketball writer, and for that I'm very grateful. He will introduce hisself soon. I don't mean to be greedy, but if the women keep going the way they are, we'll need someone to cover women's basketball. 

They (women's basketball) are off to the best start in school history. They're 10-0, nationally ranked at #18, and this weekend they take on #5 LSU, a game that could vaunt Husker women's basketball into the top ten. 

All of this leads me to ask - when is Nebraska going to recognize Kelsey Griffin as a star? A few years ago, Minnesota was captivated by Lindsay Whalen, and while I don't claim to be a women's basketball expert, I see a lot of similarities. Whalen was charismatic, she was a leader, and she was wonderful to watch. Is there something about Griffin that I'm missing, other than she's playing for Nebraska - a state that does not see basketball amongst the same status as volleyball and football? 

From what little I've seen, Griffin is a star in the making. If someone wants to champion the women's basketball team here at CB, I'm all for it, especially when Nebraska has a star in the making. On top of that,Griffin is a helluva lot nicer looking than Whalen.

Bowl Games A' Comin' 

Bowl Games are a comin' up. All 36 of ‘em. Maybe 40. I can't keep track anymore. I see my comrades ranking them, as if they're sizin' up which ones they're gonna watch. I don't understand that concept. Are we college football fans or aren't we? Me, I'm gonna watch ‘em all, or at least as many as I can see. 

I figure the more bowl games the merrier, even that one in Detroit. Probably not much of a vacation for those people, but what the hell, it's more college football, ain't it?  Somethin' wrong with that? 

I listen to some college football podcasts, including "The Solid Verbal". It's not bad. It's not the chaos of EDSBS Live, but hey, who can top that. Last week these guys on the Solid Verbal are talking about which bowl games they'll watch, and which will be bad games. 

Nebraska - Arizona, by their assessment, is a bad game. Not enough scoring, apparently, which makes them part of the ADD segment of society that requires constant entertainment. Ndamukong Suh throwing another quarterback to the ground like a rag doll is not enough, no need to wonder why Suh finished fourth in the Heisman. 

Oh, yeah. Corn Nation has a bowl game pick ‘em called the 2009 Bowl Extravaganza over at  Winner gets a t-shirt. Or maybe more than just the winner will get some Corn Nation t-shirts. Depends on how well Christmas season goes, I guess. 

Off-Season A Cometh

With the exception of the bowl game, we've moved into college football's offseason. It might as well be that for me right now.  I lead a blogger's life. By day, I am a mild-mannered (ha ha ha!) network and communication consultant. By night I write about Nebraska sports. 

The problem is - I can only go so long during football season in pushing the projects out. When the end of the regular season rolls around, I've made excuses upon excuses about how I can't work on the weekends, la, la la, la  - there's college football to be enjoyed, and Sunday is for recovery. The projects have now stacked up enough that I have to take care of business. 

This week I've spent investigating the correlation between context switches/sec and interrupts/sec hoping to catch a clue. I've spent it contemplating what keeps a large database system spending too much time in kernel mode versus user mode and what runaway processes might be corrupting the system. In lay terms you might say that I'm wondering what has corrupted the system. 

Last year I made the mistake of stopping.....

I stopped talking about Nebraska football during the offseason. I won't make that mistake this year. 

Oh, and I seek a name for this off-season column. It's not going to be "Corn Flakes" because that pretty much belongs to Jlew, and you have to admit, he did a damned good job this season. Give it up for him in the comments section. As for me, I need a name.