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Corn Flakes: Not Going to the B10

Despite being contacted by the B10 to do link articles for them, Corn Flakes has no interest in leaving, though they did promise to start calling us the Corn Flakes if we went.

Practice reports are starting again as NU prepares for Arizona. I'm getting the feeling that Arizona is very happy to be playing NU, but I can't get a feeling about Nebraska. Is the team upset about the loss to Texas? I hope we don't see a let down in the Bowl game. And how is NU not favored in this game? Oh yeah right the offense...

Anyway I hope your Christmas shopping is going well. Corn Flakes is asking Santa for some Nebraska offense, a RB recruit, and some HTML code. The cats would like some string.

On to the links-

Peter King pointing out Suh's disruptive plays

Stat of the Week Ndamukong Suh, at 6-foot-4 and 302 pounds, is an amazing specimen, a player with the quickness to interior-rush and the strength to play the nose. His ability to make disruptive plays is precedent-setting. I call "disruptive plays'' the combination of sacks, other tackles for loss, quarterback hits, forced fumbles, interceptions, passes broken up and blocked kicks.

MU's Deaton confirms willingness to listen to Big Ten -

"The University of Missouri has not been contacted by the Big Ten. Should there be an official inquiry or invitation, we would evaluate it based upon what would be in the best interest of MU athletically and academically." - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today Blog - Lee Barfknecht - Academic fit a key issue

Academic "fit’’ is a major part of any school changing leagues. Questions about how an institution "fits’’ in by measures of degrees offered, research grants, library strength, graduate programs and others are crucial. When the athletic discussion comes up, two big keys are population and the size of television market a school can bring. Often, having successful programs and a small market size hurts an expansion candidate. That’s why the Big Ten likely would have little to no interest in Nebraska.

Look ND will end up in the B10 where it belongs and all this will pass.

Practice report: Kunalic reflects on title game kickoff

"I just tried to do way too much," Kunalic said after Tuesday’s practice. "I was just going to crush the ball and that’s all that was in my head, when I should have just played it safe and gotten the ball to the goal line at least and let the cover team do their job. Because they’ve been probably the best cover team I’ve been around. And they would have guaranteed got that guy inside the 20 somewhere."

Still painful to think about, but I still love you Adi.

NE - Back to the Grindstone

Nebraska will practice through Saturday, and then break for the holiday, reconvening on Christmas. Pelini said the Huskers have a lot to pack into that time, which doesn't leave much room for experimenting or testing out younger players.

YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME! .......Sorry I don't know how Herm got in here. College Football - Q and A with Arizona coach Mike Stoops

Know your opponent, or at least their head coach

Corvin Lamb to Visit NU (DXP)

NU is hot and heavy for a RB. Fresh off the heels of hosting Braylon Heard and Kenny Bell in Lincoln, NU has scheduled an official visit with Corvin Lamb

Nebraska Cornhuskers 2010 College Football Preview

Nebraska will enter their regular season rematch with Texas at home in mid-October, likely with a 5-0 record and a Top 10 ranking.

I'm tired of this year, let's just move on. Ohhhh look next year should really be fun.