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Corn Flakes: Fire All Future Coaches Now!

Huskers learn to budget their time

The football team balances practice, finals, and family as the prepare for their Bowl game.

FSU to Hire Mark Stoops as Defensive Coordinator

Arizona may be losing defensive coordinator Mark Stoops, just before they get to face Nebraska in a bowl game. If true, that's two years in a row the Huskers will face a team with a new coach on defense. Last season, Clemson's Vic Koenning left before the Gator Bowl. - JJ - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today Blog - Sports Writers - Back to football this week

Defensive end Jerry Hughes of TCU won the Lott Trophy last night in California, something of an upset after Ndamukong Suh claimed every other defensive award for which he was nominated. Instant Analysis - Ingram's Heisman Win

2) No one knew what to do with Ndamukong Suh (my No. 1 pick on the ballot), 3) 203 voters who chose Colt McCoy first had something better to do than watch the Oklahoma or Nebraska games, the two biggest of the year for the Longhorns,

Fire Turner Gill

Are you f-ing kidding me? Way to go KU fans, (or fan this could be the work of a lone wack-o, though you see a lot of whining about Gill). Tim Griffin chimes in-

Anti-Gill Web site pops up - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

And for all of the talk about Houston Nutt and Jim Harbaugh, Gill likely will end up being the best choice. He's built a program from the depths at Buffalo. He has a background in the Big 12 from his playing and coaching career at Nebraska. And he knows his way around the recruiting circles in Texas, which will likely make or break his program.

Source: Harbaugh Turns Down KU Job

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Jim Harbaugh has turned down an offer to become the head football coach of the Kansas Jayhawks and will stay at Stanford, a source close to the situation told KMBC 9 Sports. Saturday, December 12, 2009.

Oh and there is this, so STFU firegill guy. - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - Huskers get hooked, once again

I hate Texas.