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Big Red Huskers Sports Night Open Thread (Heisman Trophy Ceremony, vs. Oregon State Basketball, vs Texas Volleyball)

It's not a football game, but this is a big night for Husker Sports. 

Ndamukong Suh has a chance to win the Heisman Trophy. This looks to be so close that it might be the most-watched Heisman ceremony in history. 

Nebraska takes on Oregon State in basketball. The Huskers are at 6-2, Oregon at 

The Huskers take on Texas in volleyball at the QWest Center in Omaha for a chance to get to the Final Four. The game will be on ESPNU at  8:00pm.  Live Stats are available here

I might be the only person here, and I can't watch the Nebraska - Oregon State basketball game because it's not available outside Nebraska, but if you bleed Husker Red, please join and post your comments. 

For good luck, here's Flying Suh, and.... Husker Volleyballer Tara Mueller. 

Flying Suh is 5-1, his only loss by one second, a second that will live in the hearts of Husker fans forever! 
Photo by Dennis Hubbard