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Corn Flakes: Not Part of the Lunatic Fringe

If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement. - McCoy, Suh top strong DL class

They have Suh as #2 on their list of DL! though he states-

Suh grades out more highly than any other senior in this year's draft class, showing outstanding upper-body strength to dominate against lesser competition and overpower interior offensive linemen. He might never be a great pass rusher and needs to learn how to work the edges better, but that is not to say he is not better than most college defensive linemen rushing from the inside. He brings value as a three-down player to the pro game and has shown he can be dominant defending the run on first and second downs with great strength at the point of attack. With the ability to play anywhere along an odd front and having desirable length to play outside, his greatest value could come for a 3-4 defense.

Why I voted McCoy for the Heisman - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

So many ways to tear this apart, but you have remember that Tim Griffin is a Texas homer at times. Suh gets downgraded for having some down games, (which all of them had), being surround by talent (take Shipley away from Colt and lets see how he does) and because Nebraska is 9-4. So Griffin thinks, like many others, that the Heisman should go to the best player on a team playing for the national championship. Ugh. - JLew

My problem with Griffin's reasoning is this - he bags on Suh for low output in sacks and tackles against Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Yet, in those games Suh had - four quarterback hurries against Tech, a game which hurt Tech's season after QB Sheffield's foot was broken - Had three quarterback hurries against Oklahoma, a tipped ball that lead to an interception, and a blocked field goal. - Had two quarterback hurries against Kansas, the only team that effectively neutralized our defensive line all season. If those games are "clunkers" as Griffin defines them, then what does he expect from a defensive tackle? Consistent scoring? Holy Crap, man! - JJ

Dan Hawkins Talks About Getting A New Email Account Because of the Overflow of Emails to His... - The Ralphie Report

Dan Hawkins wants no more email from "Santie Claus". BTW, does he look like he's aged or what? (Dan Hawkins, not Santie Claus). -- JJ

Tommie Frazier joining Persian Gulf game

Nebraska football great Tommie Frazier will join several other famed college players in saluting U.S. troops serving in the Persian

Chinese college students flocking to U.S. campuses

There are other adjustments, too. If Husker football was a pleasant surprise for Sun, he says, he also finds it odd that 18-year-olds in Nebraska "can buy a gun but you can't buy alcohol."

Should be a clear sign that an 18-year old with a gun is safer than an 18-year old with alcohol. And a gun. - JJ

Tom Shatel - New direction for NU?

The off-season approaches.... which always brings new challenges for people covering Husker sports like we do. What are we going to write about? What might fans find interesting? Tom Shatel's latest blog gives a hint as to what the regular media might do, and that is speculate and generate hand-wringing. What might happen? Oh, oh! oh!!! We've lost a couple recruits! The ship is sinking! The barn is on fire! Same ol' same ol'. - JJ

McKewon Joins Lunatic Fringe?

DXP makes a point about the latest recruiting losses which goes along the Shatel link. I won't steal their thunder, just check it out. - JJ

Anatomy of Stagnation: Second and Short Failures - Burnt Orange Nation

 Anatomy of Stagnation breaks down three second and short plays that ended in negative plays, as well as discussing the culprit for each.

The guys at BON have done an excellent job all season of analyzing their offense. Here they take a look at what the Blackshirts did to the Longhorn offense in crucial situations. -- JJ

Nebraska's Weekend Recruiting Visits-DXP

My recruiting wish list included a RB or 2, and look at what Santa Pelini is working on- Bo Bo Bo... - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - Suh adds two more awards to his haul

OWH follows Suh to Florida for the awards show.

Big 12 gets ready to shine in postseason (Volleyball)

Coaches are upset about the Omaha regional.

The fact that just one of these teams — three of them ranked among the nation’s top seven — can play in Tampa has led to some emotional reactions. Texas coach Jerritt Elliott said the committee was irresponsible in putting the top three teams from one league into the same region. "This would never have happened to the Pac-10," Cook said.

Huskers bounce back, get ugly win

Nebraska rebounded from its men’s basketball loss at Creighton with a 74-39 domination of Chicago State on Thursday night at the Devaney Sports Center.