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Corn Flakes: We Did Nothing For Your Sins

Some good reading today in Corn Flakes. Along with a very odd picture of Bo. What is he doing? You'd think he'd get a better place to sit than that. Maybe he's been playing the new Call of Duty game too much and he thinks he's a sniper? Boom head shot! Take that Stoops!

Other than that Corn Flakes will probably start slowing down as football season does. We'll have to get into basketball, and then maybe some baseball. (I'm going to miss football season) If any of you are true Nebraska basketball fans talk to Jon, or make up some posts to help the site.

Keep warm out there especially if you are in the Midwest, if you are some where warm already; nobody likes you.

Suh's great, but not Heisman great | Bob Lutz | Wichita Eagle

Translation: Suh didn't have a dominant performance against he's not a Heisman candidate in Lutz's eye. Hard to argue with his evaluation against Kansas. But since he never watched the Nebraska-Oklahoma game, and merely looked at the stat sheet, it's hard to take Lutz's opinion seriously. Except, of course, to note that other's may share his opinion. Also, Lutz doesn't give Turner Gill much of a shot at Kansas. I guess taking Buffalo to the MAC Championship in three years doesn't prove a darn thing to Lutz. - HM

It's the most wonderful time of the year for Big 12 bowl participants - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

Check out the sweet stuff Nebraska gets-

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl (Nebraska): Flo TV personal television (includes one year of service), Best Buy gift card, Tourneau watch, Sports Tek hooded sweatshirt, cap.

The Wiz of Odds: The Hottest-Selling T-Shirt in Alabama

Oh I laughed.


via Top Heisman Non-Winners, Mistakes, & More

CFN talks about Frazier not winning the Heisman, but thinks that Crouch got one that he shouldn't have, so I guess NU is all even then.

1. Tommie Frazier, QB Nebraska Even though he missed several weeks with a blood clot in his leg, Frazier still won 33 games and took the Huskers to three straight national championship games with two wins and a missed last-second field goal away from winning a third. He was one of the greatest winners in college football history.

2. 1995, Tommie Frazier, QB Nebraska over Ohio State RB Eddie George George was certainly worthy of the Heisman, but Frazier set the NCAA record at the time for rushing yards by a quarterback in a bowl game with 199 highlighted by a 75-yard gallop in the national title win over Florida. Leading the Huskers to the title likely would've been enough to boost Frazier over George, whose Buckeyes lost to Tennessee in the Citrus Bowl.

4. 2001 Nebraska QB Eric Crouch over Florida QB Rex Grossman It's this simple; had Grossman been a senior and Crouch a sophomore the tables would have been turned in one of the bigger landslides and Heisman history. While Crouch wasn't bad, this was as much a lifetime achievement award as anything else. Grossman lost by just 62 points. Cavalcade, Part 2 - USC's Lousy Finish

The C.O.W. airing of the grievances has ten things Pete Fiutak is grouchy about this week 5, and Nebraska makes 2 appearances.

"Ndamukong Suh is the best player in the country, but …" Listen to the talking heads and read the comments on the Heisman and you’ll hear the same thing over and over again. "Ndamukong Suh was the best player in the country this year, but I voted for (insert lesser player here)." I get that this isn’t supposed to be about who the No. 1 pick in the draft will be and it isn’t about talent, but Suh was the best combination of being the most talented, the most outstanding, the most valuable, and the most amazing player in America. Mark Ingram is deserving, and he’s going to win it, but he’s a great running back. That’s it. Suh is having an all-timer of a season for a defensive tackle and, arguably, he had the greatest game anyone has ever played at the position when the stakes were the highest. If you think Suh was the top player, then why didn’t you vote for him?

3. Nebraska’s offense 102nd in the nation in total offense, 101st in passing offense, 141 rushing yards per game … the Nebraska offense didn’t work. Had the Huskers been merely below average offensively, they’d be 12-1 and off to the Fiesta Bowl, and they would’ve made the Texas Tech game far different. The answer is so simple and so ridiculously obvious that Bo Pelini needs to use the next month before the Holiday Bowl to do it: run the option. No offense in sports was as consistently great for a longer period of time than the Nebraska running game, and there’s no reason to not go back to what worked. It’s not like the changes in the Husker offense have made the place a factory for NFL passing talent, and it’s unfortunate that such a great defensive season went to waste. Nebraska, go stop Georgia Tech A-Back coach Jeff Monken from taking the Georgia Southern job and make him the offensive coordinator. Go get Navy offensive coordinator Ivin Jasper and get the offense working again with the ground game. The fans would love it, Nebraska would have its identity back, and the transformation back to glory would be completed.

So should NU go back to the "option"? Which one would that be: the classic triple option? The new zone read? A Flordia or West Virginia spread option? Do you care as long as NU scores a touchdown?

Joe Posnanski " Blog Archive " Favre Being Favre

Another excellent post from Joe. If you are not reading him you should. Anyway this is about pro-football, but I think it translated to college ball as well. I think of this when I hear people talking about NU's offense.

Pro football is not framed like that. No, football players and coaches make it clear all the time that they don’t think like us. They think on a higher plane. They have watched all the films. They have studied all the scenarios. They have deep secrets and coded plans and fascinating bits of information that they cannot share with YOU because YOU would not understand or YOU do not need to know or YOU would only tell the opponent or YOU are not in the inner circle.