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Corn Flakes: Stop Thinking NU Can Win!

It ruins the nobody believed in us rally that NU can use. Give up everyone!

All-Big 12 team has star power -

Defensive player Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska, Sr. He’s a defensive tackle with outside linebacker quickness. Offenses game plan around Suh, who ranks among the league’s top 10 in sacks and passes defended. He could be the overall No. 1 selection in April’s NFL draft, and he’ll become Nebraska’s first consensus All-American in nearly a decade.

All-Big 12 teams -

Several other Huskers made the first and second team All B12 from the KC Star

Life in the Red's Blog | Bo says 'no' to permanent site

Texas coach Mack Brown's in favor of keeping the Big 12 title game at Cowboys Stadium on a permanent basis. Bo Pelini's response? "Mack would say that because he's from Texas," Pelini said Monday. "I'm not for that."

Screw you Texas. What the B12 hasn't given you enough? Now you want to always have the B12 title game in your state? I guess the North should just consider themselves lucky that Texas even will play them.

Fiesta Bowl watching NU closely

"We’ve talked about it a lot," said John Junker, president of the Fiesta Bowl. "It would be a thrill to have the Cornhuskers. They’re really a part of our whole heritage. We owe a lot to the University of Nebraska."

Good time, good times... - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - Underdog NU intends to ‘come out swinging'

"Supposedly, they give us no chance," senior linebacker Phillip Dillard said. "That's fine, but we're going to come out swinging."

Play with the chip! No one believes in you!

NE - Strength vs. Strength

"It isn't a real complex game that we play," Pelini said. "It's about tackling and execution and doing your job. I have never quite figured out the whole complexity aspect of it. We're gonna do what we do."

The Bo Pelini and Brent Venables Friendship Might Come In Handy This Week (DXP)

Last January, Bo Pelini took a 'vacation' to help out his old friend from Oklahoma before their bowl game with Florida. In Pelini's three years at LSU, he held the Gators to 64 points and the Tigers won 2 out of 3 of those games. And since it's Texas this weekend, I'm pretty sure there is going to be a few phone calls this week between Lincoln, NE and Norman, OK to help pay back an old favor. Six Pack- What happens with Texas?

1. Can Texas lose to Nebraska? Nope. No way, no how. Just like Nebraska could not POSSIBLY lose to Texas in the inaugural Big 12 Championship Game in 1996. Not a chance. Until there was one. In what be one of the great games of all time, Texas upset Nebraska in the 1996 showdown. This one is eerily similar. That kept Nebraska from winning possibly four consecutive national titles. An upset by the Cornhuskers here would keep Texas from advancing to the national title game. Nebraska has a great defense, lead by Ndamukong Suh, and they could shut down the one dimensional Longhorns. Of course, if they can score is a whole other matter. But the Longhorns defense was exposed a little bit last week. Nebraska’s offense has been bad, but they are good enough to pull off the upset, and send the BCS into upheaval.

See NU can't play the no one believed in us card when people start to think Nu can win this game.

Daily Nebraskan - Asante’s hard-hitting play brings criticism, praise

Can you live with the personal fouls if Asante brings the wood?

'Superman' returns to Nebraska backfield - ESPN

Burkhead's abilities were clear to Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp, who remembers recruiting him and especially watching him play basketball. The 5-foot-11, 200-pounder's talents were clear to Muschamp in whatever sport he played. "We recruited Rex, he’s very athletic and a good player," Muschamp said. "He was a very good basketball player with great lower body explosion."

What????? I thought all we got were the players that Texas (and Oklahoma) didn't want, the leftovers, the dregs. And now Will Muschamp is telling me different? Holy lower body explosion, batman! - JJ

Twitter / Adam Schefter: Stoops To Notre Dame

Big game Bob to Notre Dame? Hahahahahaha. Take him, then, you bunch of 'tards, just make sure you have enough $$$ for a big payout after three years. Stoops makes around $4M/year at OU. You'd probably have to pay him $5M or $6M plus a signing bonus, with a $10-12M buyout. You know, someday I'm going to run a Ponzi scheme that takes advantage of ND fans. It'll be easy money, apparently with little to no consequences. - JJ

Bowden says he has not decided on his future

And later that same day..... Bowden says he hasn't decided on what he's going to do. He's studying his options. Egad. This is going to be a very interesting day for the FSU faithful.

Will Bowden retire Tuesday? Here's the latest ..... - Tomahawk Nation

Note that SB Nation's FSU site had the "Bowden to retire Tuesday" story before anyone else. Unfortunately, reading the comments on their story, if half of their members were handed a golf club.... oh, I won't go that far, although it's interesting to note the difference of how FSU is handling Bowden versus Penn State's handling of JoePa. One might argue that Penn State hasn't experienced the downturn that FSU has seen over the past few years, but I disagree with that. The difference is that FSU was so danged good for so long that 'Nole fans were spoiled by their success (not that we know what that feels like). JoePa's teams have seen ups and downs over the years, so maybe the downs have been easier to take since the expectations weren't set so high. - JJ

'The Spread' show terminated

Former Husker All-American Jason Peter was told Monday his radio show, "The Spread" on ESPN 1480, was terminated immediately by Three Eagles Communications.

Comparing Texas and Nebraska against common opponents

Texas was more impressive against the teams' common opponents. Well.... except Oklahoma, where it was a tie. No surprises here, really - JJ

Pelini: Huskers in Big 12 title game a year late

And you thought you had high expectations..... - JJ - No Complaints

A bit of perspective before you start calling for coaches to be fired. -JL