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Corn Flakes: Anyone have a QB?

So lets say you win the Dr Pepper Coaches Challenge and get to lead a team of B12 North All-Stars against the B12 South. Who the heck is going to the the QB?
Nebraska? We can't decide on one
Neither can CU
K-State has nothing special at QB
ISU has youth, but has had injuries
Gabbert has struggled after the NU game
and Reesing has no confidence.

What's your choice? And no Suh is not an acceptable answer.

You'd think one team out of 6 would have at least a serviceable QB.


Anyway on to the links-

An Attempt to Sort Out the Big 12 North Scenarios - Bring On The Cats
It's pretty much the winner of NU and KSU, unless NU losses to KU and CU.

Why can’t every place be like Lincoln, Nebraska? |
Why can’t everywhere be like Lincoln? Well, hard to put the knucklehead back in the bottle. Make no mistake, Nebraska has its share of goobers. But its fans seem to self-police. The crowd mentality, which afflicted humans long before layout of the first gridiron, is beaten back in Nebraska.

We eat articles like this like candy, don't we? They never get old. Berry Tramel does make a good point, though, about Nebraska fans being self-policing..... perhaps opponents should take note. - CB

Steven M. Sipple: Gary Barnett praises NU's plan (Lincoln Journal Star)
Gary Barnett says what the NU coaches can't: injuries and inexperience limit what the Huskers can do offensively. Is he making excuses for his buddy Shawn Watson? Perhaps, but do you have any evidence to say he's wrong?

Vince's take on Oklahoma's Loss to Nebraska
Vince is upset that the OU coaches didn't take his advice to double team that Suhko guy. (Guess he wasn't impressed by Jared Crick...) Even worse was OU's choice in field goal kickers.

Agonizing, Awful Game - Crimson And Cream Machine
Two more losses and the Sooner football team will have had at least the 7th worst season since 1946 of any OU team before them. And it began with OU being ranked #3 in the country. What happened? And where did Landry Jones' magic go?

Recruiting May be the Big Story of the Weekend - Nebraska Football
DXP has a great breakdown of the recruiting haul.
Jay Guy & Joshua Mitchell Commit To Nebraska & Misc. Random Stuff I'm Somewhat Quallified Not To Talk About - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - The quarterback quandary: What do you do with two?
NE - No Easy Answers
So who goes under center? - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today Blog - Sports Writers - Blackshirts responded right to OU's quick-change offense
Watch the replay (ESPN 306) you can see Dillard yelling out the checks. Great job by the coaches.

Daily Nebraskan - Defensive backs deliver exceptional performance, earn redemption
"Coaching job of the year right there," NU’s defensive coordinator said.

Same guys as last year.

Balanced Effort Carries Huskers Past Lions
The Huskers used their size advantage inside to out-rebound the Lions, 48-26.

What????? Size advantage? Our basketball team has a size advantage? Whoooeeee! Basketball season is coming... soon..... and Corn Nation needs to find basketball writers. I'd like us to cover basketball. So... if you're interested, please let me know.

Loss to Baylor is frustrating, but reaction from fans is inexcusable
Things were bad after Mizzou's loss to Baylor. Then some moron decided to go after quarterback Blaine Gabbert on twitter. Why student athletes would bother with social media is beyond me..... - CB

Not the kind of echoes Weis wanted to wake up to -
Where is the arrogance now?