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College Football Predictions - Week 10

Lock your doors and windows people, OU is coming to town.

Land Thieves. That's what "Sooner" means. They steal land by getting there sooner than you. To commemorate this they decided to steal their fight song "Boomer Sooner" which is a version of  "Boola Boola" the fight song of Yale University.  As in my new car is a version of the one that you had stolen last week.


Pictured: A typical OU alum.

Move your wallets to your front pockets, don't answer emails from people claiming to be an Oklahoman Prince wanting to transfer money into your bank accounts, they don't need your Corn Nation user name and password for a site update, get a new bike lock, buy lowjack for your macbook, stop playing GTA, and for the love of TO someone tell our skill players that giving the OU defense the ball is not a kind gesture for friendly rival.

What a boring week again. We all tied, and were 50% against the spread, even with Corn Blight making picks based on mascots.

Last week

Last Week




Husker Mike 5-1
55-21 35-41
Corn Blight 5-1
51-25 32-44
JLew 5-1
53-23 27-49

Still we press on, mostly because it's better than working on a Friday afternoon.

Corn Blight is fortifying his house against the Crimson hoards and will be updating this with his picks later.

Oklahoma State (-7.5) @ Iowa State

Husker Mike:  Both squads got walloped last week.  Iowa State gets back Austen Arnaud this week, but is that enough?  Sad to say, probably not.  But the Cyclones will make a run at the Cowpokes.  Cowpokes 28, Cyclones 24

JLew: I think OSU rolls. Then again I thought that OSU would at least have a chance against Texas. Still I think the B12 South again shows how far apart the 2 divisions are. OSU 42 ISU 17

Kansas (-3) @ Kansas State

Husker Mike:  Is that spread right?  Colorado should have lost to Iowa State, then did lose to Colorado and Texas Tech.  Make that three in a row. Wildcats 31, Jayhawks 24

JLew: I said last week that KSU wouldn't win another game. At the start of the OU game I looked very right, the second half, not so much. I don't think either team here is very good right, but I'm going to stick with my KSU loses out pick. KU has run defense issues, while KSU has pass defense issues. Points shouldn't be a problem. KU wins with their backs against the wall, while KSU is feeling too good about an OU loss, and "winning" the B12 North. KU 34 KSU 26

Baylor (+17) @ Missouri

Husker Mike:  Freshman mistakes made this game a lot closer than it should have been.  Blaine Gabberts isn't a freshman.  Tiggers 34, Da Bearsh 7

JLew: Is Gabbert healthy yet? Won't matter. Baylor has yet to score over 10 points in league games. Missouri 28 Baylor 10

Central Florida (+36) @ Texas

Husker Mike: It's so nice of Texas to move one of their exhibition games into November.  Texas 52, UCF 10

JLew: Wow what an awesome game. If Texas doesn't go to the BCS title game they can only blame their sad, sad, non-conference schedule (with an assist from the pitiful B12 North). Texas 48 UCF 13

Texas A&M (-3.5) @ Colorado

Husker Mike:  Ah, my favorite two dysfunctional Big XII teams.  The Aggies looked like they were swirling the bowl two weeks ago, then shocked me with two victories.  Colorado has shown brief flashes of life, beating Kansas and scoring a little bit in the 2nd half against Missouri.  Bottom line is that while I'm skeptical of the Aggies...I'm even more skeptical of the Buffies.   Gig 'Em 32, Buffies 26

JLew: I'm more interested in what color all the CU "fans" come out wearing. Though it's always fun to see which QB will play for CU in any given series. How will they win a cob this week? ATM 42 CU 17

Oklahoma (-6) @ Nebraska

Husker Mike: The Husker offense has gone MIA ever since Roy Helu hurt his shoulder against Missouri.  They've benched receivers and quarterbacks, to no avail.  But Helu has shed his green no-contact jersey this week.  Is that enough?  Heart says  Huskers 23, Sooners 21.  Head says Sooners 21, Huskers 9

JLew: If NU can't get offense going against ISU or Baylor what's OU's defense going to allow? Green could start his legend at NU well with a home win over OU in his second start, but I don't see it happening. OU 28 NU 20