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Nebraska and Oklahoma - Just Old Friends Getting Together Again.....

I was having lunch with my dear friend Nebraska this week when an "old friend" happened by......

Iconbarryswitzer_mediumHey, Nebraska! How you doing, sweetheart! You look great! As wonderful as ever!!! 

Iconhuskergirl_medium Barry! Oh, it's so good to see you! 

Iconbarryswitzer_medium I miss the times we had together. Wish we could see each other more often! (sees Tom Obsorne and quickly saunters off after him). Don't you ever change! (wink)

Iconcobby_medium That's a little disgusting.

Iconhuskergirl_medium What?

Iconcobby_medium Barry Switzer?

Iconhuskergirl_medium He's always so nice to me. He's a really sweet man. He's aged well, too (fetching). You're just jealous. 

Iconcobby_medium Jealous that I can't get away with that much bullshit. Amazing he's not a politician. 

Iconhuskergirl_medium Oh, he's not that bad. 

Iconcobby_medium What are you talking about? The guy was a cheater. He cheated all of the time. He cheated so much they ran him out of college football and here you are eating candy out of his hand and pretending you're back in 1982. 

Iconhuskergirl_medium He says nice things about me. He tells me how much respect he always had for me and how hard it was to win. 

Iconcobby_medium He's not nice to you. He was never nice to you. He ruined so many holidays.... even in 1978 when you finally had a decent Thanksgiving, he turned around and ruined New Years. 

Iconhuskergirl_medium We put on some great shows together! Since the Big 12 came along it's never been the same! 

Iconcobby_medium Yeah, but it's been what, 12 years?Maybe you should accept the fact that time has moved on. But you can't do that, can you, because you're still in love with Oklahoma. The problem is, it's not based on reality, it's based on a concept. An idea. You're in love with what you used to have and since it's been so long, you've romanticized it to the point that no one else will ever be good enough.

Iconhuskergirl_medium No one else..... like???? 

Iconcobby_medium Colorado? 

Iconhuskergirl_medium I can go see the mountains without seeing Buffaloes, Cobby. Please.... .Hippies?????? (makes finger in mouth motion, gagging)

Iconcobby_medium  Well, what about Missouri? They're doing better. 

Iconhuskergirl_medium Maybe they could call me after they win a championship in something..... I had the best. The BEST. And you're expecting me to drop my standards and just accept whatever happens to come along. Has my beauty faded so much? You really know how to make a girl feel good.

Iconcobby_medium  Sorry.... you're right, you've got a point. How 'bout we just agree that you don't fall all over yourself whenever Oklahoma comes around.....  okay? 

Iconhuskergirl_medium Okay. 

Iconbobstoops_mediumHey! Nebraska, sweetheart! How you doing!

Iconhuskergirl_medium (cooing) Bobby! Oh my God! It's so good to see you!

Iconcobby_medium Oh... God, why.....

Iconbobstoops_mediumHave I ever told you about the time Carl Pelini stayed at my house? And Bo used to be on my staff.... 

Iconhuskergirl_medium On your staff????? Oh.... Bobby tell me more! Cobby, weren't you leaving? 

Iconcobby_medium ...