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Corn Flakes: Why should NU play OU every year?

Wow what a fun trip. I lost my luggage for a day and a half, and then the truck we took died on the interstate at 1:30 in the am. Anyway it seems I missed about a thousand memorial articles about OU and NU, and then ten thousand NU should play OU every year articles. So yeah nothing much. Also can everyone stop with the Suh is going too play QB jokes. It wasn't that funny to start with and now it's just old.

Life in the Red's Blog | Breakfast with Ted
So Gilmore gave opportunities to junior college transfer Brandon Kinnie and redshirt freshman Khiry Cooper. Those two, along with Paul and senior Chris Brooks (who's not played the last two weeks because of injury), will play the bulk, if not all, of the snaps against Oklahoma Saturday night.

Where have you gone Swift and Peterson?, Husker nation turns their lonely eyes to you...

Ten good minutes with Nebraska DT Jared Crick - Big 12 - ESPN
Crick is like Luigi to Suh's Mario. Suh get's all the attention, but Crick is a pretty good player 2.

Is Landry Jones The Best Quarterback In The Big 12?
I hope that I didn’t lose you at the headline but this is a legitimate question. When the post season awards are released next month you won’t see Landry Jones as the Big 12’s First Team All-Conference quarterback but the reality is that as of right now there may not be a more deserving signal caller in the conference.

Obviously C&C have not heard of a certain QB from Missouri. One that is better than Elway, and Young (Steve not Vince) combined.

NE - Five Keys: Oklahoma
Field position, Survive OU's haymakers, O-line play, Something about short passes, and rolling snake eyes on gambles



It's coming people. Be prepared. - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today Blog - Lee Barfknecht - Buffs suffer blow with transfer
Tailback Darrell Scott -- considered the nation's No. 1 running back in the 2007 recruiting class -- announced he will transfer.

Like rats off a sinking Buffalo.