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Cornflakes - Dear Unity Council: Run, Not Walk, Onto the Field!

Wow, I miss jlew doing these darned things. He comes up with way better imagery than I do. When the hell is he coming back?????

One thing of note I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else - a message to the Unity Council:

Please do not engage in any silliness during the tunnel walk this Saturday against Oklahoma. We do not need to see you walk out arm-in-arm to make some bloody statement about how you're all together and we're somehow against you. Please just round out onto the field while making frenzied attempts to let the fans know that you love us and we'll love you right back.

Okay? Okay.

Now that I got that off my chest, onto selected links of interest - otherwise known as Cornflakes:

What to watch for in the Big 12, Week 10 - Big 12 - ESPN

4. Will Bo Pelini and Shawn Watson chance starting Cody Green against Oklahoma’s blitz-heavy defense? Brent Venables is one of the savviest defensive coordinators in the conference with a vast collection of defenses he likes to employ. His unit might be like sharks smelling fresh blood as it faces Green in his second career start. Consider that Colt McCoy said that he saw blitzes when playing against Oklahoma earlier this season he had never seen before. And that was in his 45th career college start, when he was knocked to the ground 14 times in the first half of that game and struggled through his most troublesome game of the season against the Sooners. Imagine the challenge facing that defense will provide for the inexperienced Green.


Here's an idea. Don't throw the ball. Seriously. I vote we go heavy set, run the ball right at the middle of their line the entire game. And then use play-action. - CB

Bottom line for OU-Nebraska: Line play the key
Sooners quarterback Landry Jones was asked early in the week if he thought his guys up front realized the magnitude of the task at hand. Jones, with a wry smile, replied, "I hope so." His response provoked laughter, but this week's challenge for the offensive line is no laughing matter as the Sooners strive to finish strong.

Well... they can finish strong, but this weekend they'll hopefully play weak. Maybe the Huskers can take out another quarterback along the way - CB.

Bring back OU-Nebraska, every year
It's Oklahoma-Nebraska week, so you know what that means.Saccharine overload.Welcome to college football's lovefest. The series that's more mushy than a Valentine card. More syrupy than a cherry Dr Pepper.

More on this one later - CB.

Helu healthier, OU’s offensive line is impressive
Also on today’s report, defensive coordinator Carl Pelini talks about how he spends a lot of time breaking down the line play of his opponents. When it comes to the play of redshirt freshmen Landry Jones, Pelini points out there is a reason, the Sooners are still an explosive offensive team…the offensive line.

When will people learn? When? When will they learn that if they want a real opinion on an opponent that they don't listen to coaches. Not just Nebraska coaches, any coaches. Anywhere. Except maybe Mike Leach. And he gets in trouble for speaking the truth. That's why no one else does it. - CB

An area to watch Saturday
The Sooner offense obviously could have problems of its own, especially in the trenches. Notice the Oklahoma depth chart shows Ben Habern, a redshirt freshman, as the starting center. At left guard, the Sooner depth chart lists senior Brody Eldridge, who actually started four games at tight end and one at center this season. He played three seasons at fullback. At right guard, OU starts sophomore Stephen Good.

Hmmmm..... OU's offensive line is good, yet they're starting a guy who played tight end at left guard? That's one incredible dude!

Tom Shatel is not really on twitter.
4. Apparently, someone has created a Twitter account in my name, complete with matching photo. I would just like to state for the record that I had nothing to do with that. I do not tweet, I have never tweeted nor shall I ever tweet. I think it's a silly thing. Nobody is that interesting that I need to know what they are doing or thinking every five minutes. If I have something to say that can't wait, you'll read it here. So, if you see something on Twitter with my name on it, it's a fake. It's somebody else giving you what they believe are the boring details of my life. Thank you, but I'll keep my boring life to myself.

We should have known this because twitter is very 2009-ish, and the OWH has only recently made it to 2000. Twitter is just another form of communication, much like texting (for Tom S, that's when you enter characters into your phone and send them to other people younger than you). Some find it useful, others don't. I find it very useful. You can follow CN on twitter, ya know, 'cause we're all about destroying the newspaper industry with our technologically-advanced savvy. - CB

Fed-up CU Buffs fans plan powder-blue protest at Folsom
If they bother to show up, that is. - CB