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Big 12 Cob of the Week: Todd Reesing, Big Leads, And Colorado's Downward Spiral - Pick The Ultimate Suckage!

Boy, it's getting tough to pick these. Normally you have your good teams and your bad teams, but this year we have half-good and half-bad teams and they trade positions every quarter. Everyone but Texas that is. Texas has done one thing really well so far this season and that's crush the hopes out of everyone else in the South.

The Big 12 North is still fun for everyone! Everyone's still special and everyone still has a chance to be a winner! Unless you're Colorado..... I think.

Husker Mike:

Todd Reesing - Earlier this season, Mark Mangino touted Reesing as a darkhorse Heisman candidate. Against Texas Tech, Reesing played his way onto the bench. Suddenly, he has the running ability of Dan Marino and the passing ability of former Husker quarterback Mickey Joseph. In Kansas' spread offense, a quarterback who can't run and can't throw isn't very productive ... and suddenly Kansas is staring bleakly into the future. Mangino went out of his way today to name Reesing as the starter for this week, which tells you just how Cobbish Reesing has become.

Oklahoma and Missouri second halves: Hey, I admit it. I didn't pay any attention to the Sooners or Tigers in the second half. They had huge halftime leads against opponents they should have crushed, so why not watch other games? (Or in the case of the Sooners, take the kids out trick-or-treating...) Imagine my surprise to check back and find that both teams mailed it in the second half, and let both Colorado and Kansas State back into the game.) Is that a trick? Or a Cob?


Missing. Probably drunk at a convention somewhere where the weather is nicer than where you are.

Corn Blight:

I'm not sure what's worse - rats leaving the sinking ship at Colorado or Oklahoma State's egg-laying against Texas. A lot was expected of Oklahoma State this season - starting out highly ranked and going into November highly tanked (hyuk!), but why is this different than any other Cowboy season? (insert Mike Gundy "not a man" joke here).

Colorado, on the other hand..... did anyone see the whole thing falling apart? A number of sites mentioned how painful it was to watch Dan Hawkin's press conference last week, but the real beginning of the end has to be this week's announcement that potential savior greatest recruit ever running back Darrell Scott is leaving the program.

Colorado is finding new depths this season. By the end of it, they may have surpassed Kansas State last season with the Ron Prince's firing and secret contract. What'll be funnier is if the CU faithful start to howl about bringing back Bill McCartney....... Ooops, they already have!