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The Alternative Names of Ndamukong Suh

Blatantly inspired by Orson at EDSBS, we present a list of alternative names for Ndamukong Suh, not because we're tired of hearing his name, but because it'll be easier for pansy-ass  announcers too intimidated to pronounce Ndamukong. You know who you are.

And since we're not nearly as witty as that Swindle guy (or we'd come up with our own material), we're staying under 29, because it's darned hard coming up with Cameroonian-influenced names (so we mostly didn't try): 

Crunch Colthead

Bang Legsnap

Runemdown Fastsmash

Rockhard Anklebend

Fulfulde Bodyslam

Forcefumblesack Pow

TisSadly Noholdingcalls

Kodiak Squashurass

House Hardtomove

Runover Dathawkinsdude

Bamileke Slamileke

Spearthump Beefkill

Boom Bullrush 

Gutwrench Kickblock

Stud Thunderclap

Ewondo Sockettear

Awestruck Hornsblood

Drumbeat Steelbuns

Bonebreak Thistysquish


and last, but certainly not least: 


BronkoLombardiOutlandBednarik Guy