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2009 Corn Nation Pick 'Em Game Update

Haven't done this for a while so it's time for a Pick ‘Em update.

The following are recent weekly winners. If your name is on this list, you can contact me for a free Corn Nation T-Shirt, as modeled by Klaus Bierbauch after the jump.

Weekly Winners

Week 13 obxsmitty
Week 12 jbl74015
Week 11 Bugeater1952
Week 10 Man Against the World
Week 9 gorge
Week 8 Big Flav
Week 7 gorge
Week 6 Man Against the World
Week 5 Huskerhorsepower

There will be 12 games available for the Pick "Em game, and as the standings below show, there's still plenty of people in contention (only the Top 12 are shown).

Grand Prize Contention

Big Flav 86
CountryBoy 86
obxsmitty 85
rm_husker92 84
BigC1972 84
zoomerjoe 83
Man Against the World 83
farminghusker 81
crafdog 81
nebrascal 81
tell burke 81
kkr112 80


Don't forget what we're playing for! The grand prize winner will receive a copy of the 1995 National Championship Season DVD Box Set from our affiliate Best of Big Red


Oh, and those Corn Nation T-Shirts? They're now on sale