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Corn Flakes: Black-Shirt Friday

So it's the Colorado game. Not much to win and not much to lose, but here's what I'll be watching.

How NU handles the short week of preparation. Usually NU gets a bye week before this game. How will they handle the lack of urgency.

Can the offense get rolling? NU needs some confidence going to play Texas

How will CU handle Hawkins coming back? How will the fans? I heard some rumors that many fans may just boycott this game in protest.

I'm also continuing my Corona Light streak. I started drinking them during the OU game, and NU has gone on a nice winning streak if I drink the Cerveza mas fina. I tried helping out the Giants last night by drinking a few (Brother-in-law's a fan), but maybe it only works for Nebraska.

Colorado memories special for Watson

Sizing up the storylines: Nebraska vs. Colorado

Helu running wild, Sack attack, start fast, and focus on CU

Steven M. Sipple: Huskers can’t overlook importance of beating Buffs

It’s about the Huskers maintaining a positive vibe and even pumping up the palpitation a notch in advance of their Dec. 5 showdown against Texas in the Big 12 title game. - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - Three things to watch: NU vs. CU

What happens if CU gets up early? CU can't run and NU stops the run, will the NU pass rush return?

Colorado's Press Release Insults Our Intelligence, Continues to Show Goal Is Not to Win - The Ralphie Report

Needless to say, Buffy fans are not happy about this decision, especially this quote from Chancellor Phil DiStefano:

"Dan represents the university's values on and off the field, and his team has been competitive this year."

It would seem that DiStefano shares a parallel universe with Steve Pederson, where nine wins is "mediocrity" and five wins are reason for excitement. Hmmm...many CU fans are ready to throw Bohn out, what about Stevie P going to Boulder? Think Nebraska fans would accept Colorado as a rival then?

Will Hawkins be Spared? (BigRedNetwork)

A little too much turkey for Steve over at BigRedNetwork? Colorado already announced that Dan Hawkins will be back next season