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Happy Black Friday!

Let's get into the proper mood here for football on a Friday with a couple of highlights from last season's game...

First, Alex Henery bails out the Big Red with one Big Kick...

Then Mr. Ndamukong Suh seals the deal, with a cameo appearance by Cody Hawkins in his Oscar-winning role as a speed bump...  (while you watch this, please Vote for Ndamukong Suh for the Heisman fan vote!  He's pulled within 1% of the lead!)

But that game is over, and the Huskers need to focus on the task at hand.  Texas is next week, and this game is necessary to get the Huskers to nine wins on the season.  We all know what can happen when the Huskers lose focus; in fact, that's why those two plays were even needed in the first place.  Remember this boneheaded play?

Time to focus...hopefully, you have the day off and survive any shopping that you might attempt today.