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ABC San Antonio Would Rather Show Oprah Than Let You Watch Colorado - Nebraska

[UPDATED - November 25th, 10:15 AM - KSAT has reversed it's decision and will be showing the Nebraska - Colorado game on their primary channel. This is in response, no doubt, to Husker fans contacting the station!

I take back all the nasty things I said about San Antonio. Hey, that River Walk is pretty cool! ]

Got a tip from someone who's let me know that the ABC station in San Antonio, Texas will not be showing the Colorado - Nebraska game but instead will be showing paid programming and an Oprah rerun:

KSAT in San Antonio is showing the Illinois v Cincinnati game at 11 am, then instead of sticking with network programing they are showing infomercials/paid programing until 4pm, followed by an Oprah rerun.

The Nebraska/Colorado game is being moved to secondary digital channel so viewers that subscribe to DirecTV or Dish Network won't be able to see the game at all. Cable customers with basic cable won't be able to get it. If customers have the digital package or have a digital TV antenna they'll receive the game on the secondary digital channel.

Stood up for..... an Oprah rerun and Vince's nuts?



Wow. What happened in San Antonio that Husker and/or Buffalo fans deserve to be treated so poorly? Is it unrequited love? Jealousy? Envy? Brain lock that's transpired several days?

There's still time to change your mind, guys and not head over the abyss. Once you do this, many of your viewers will NEVER TRUST YOU AGAIN. Don't let that happen, do the right thing and show the game.