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Corn Flakes: How Would You Play CU?

So Bo says that they are going to play to win against CU. I'm sure they will but how would you play CU? I win helps in the standings, and it's always nice, but you could rest Helu, and maybe work on some other things on offense. Do you play this like any other game, or do you keep an eye on Texas? - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - Title game is far from Bo's radar

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini was sure Monday to let everybody know his full focus is on Colorado, saying "I don't want anybody to talk about the Big 12 title game around me.''

Lunch with Bo: Colorado is Nebraska's rival

"I know this is a special game to our fans and to Colorado fans," Pelini said Monday during his weekly news conference. "The two states are close together and this game is important to our fans in western Nebraska, and they want bragging rights. They make a lot of sacrifices driving a long way to see us play, and we’ve got to have their back this week."

Well there you go.

NE - Pressed for Time

A look at how the coaches are handling the short week.

Life in the Red's Blog | Monday practice report

As for his vision of this offense in the future, Watson said: "It would be a team like we were last year. But we're going to have to grow into that at quarterback, to be honest with you. We're going to have to grow into that at receiver. That's going to take a process. That's going to take some time."

Jeffie Husker's 'Birth of a Rivalry:' Nebraska vs. Colorado, Parts 1 - 2. DXP

If you need to get up for the CU game check this link

Alex Henery - The Skinny Assassin - Nebraska Football

Nebraska's kicking star a dead-eye punter, too -

Some nice pub for Henery

Possible head coaches and ADs - The Ralphie Report

Turner Gill or Frank Solich as possible replacements???? What?????????? - JJ

Buffs' Miller set to tangle with Husker named Suh

The guy is a complete football player," Miller said. "He's a big, strong guy that uses his hands extremely well. If you use good technique against him, he's still a heck of an athlete and will give you a challenge. But if you don't have good technique, you're going to have a long, long day."

Dan Hawkins Wouldn't Recruit Son if Given Another Chance

Hawk says that if he had to do it all over it again, he wouldn't have recruited his son Cody. Can't say I blame him. - JJ

"Not for him, no. Nope. Not at all," Hawkins said. "It's not fair to him. Here is a guy who is trying to do his best to win games and to help his team and does everything right, he's a good student and he's getting killed on Facebook and getting killed on his cell phone. "The great thing about this job is you meet some unbelievable people. But then you also see another side of humanity that's not real fun."