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Corn Flakes:Going Streaking!

We're a little light on links this morning. So Corn Flakes is going streaking.


Streaks Going

5 straight wins over Kansas State

Winning against Baylor since 1956

304 consecutive sell-outs

Broken Streaks

NU beat teams ranked in the top 25- both on the road and at home

NU losing to Missery in Columbia

ISU beats NU in Lincoln for the first time in my lifetime

Anyone have any streaks to add that I'm missing? Put them in the comments section-

Steven M. Sipple: Brown is best choice for award

* Get ready for stories looking back at unranked Texas’ 37-27 upset of then-No. 3 Nebraska in the 1996 Big 12 title game. The roles are reversed. Nebraska is now the decided underdog riding a late-season surge into the title game (assuming a win at Colorado, of course). In 1996, the Longhorns were unranked despite toting a four-game winning streak to the TWA Dome in St. Louis to face a flu-ridden Husker outfit.

And if you are going to talk about coaching awards you HAVE to go with either Snyder at KSU, or Rhoadsat ISU. Every other choice is wrong.

NE - Husker Monday Review: Kansas State

McKewon defends his Sun article, (Not that it needed it) talks about what he liked and what needs improvement from the KSU game.

Look for Big 12 not to fulfill all bowl obligations - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

You can follow the link to see the projections. Griffin is thinking Cotton for NU, but I think the Holiday Bowl is more likely.

Video: Les Miles momentarily possessed by clock-kiling poltergeist - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF - Yahoo! Sports

If you haven't seen the end of the LSU game, you need to. WOW what a bizarre end.