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College Football Predictions - Week 12

So it's late and I'm scrambling. But I have to say that I think Willie the Wildcat is the worse mascot in the Big 12. A close second would be that Jaundice Marlboro Man they have at Okie Lite, but that's another post.

It's a freaking guy with a giant head on. It's like someone activated the big head cheat in college football somewhere and only Willie was affected. His only talents are doing half-assed push-ups, some remedial spelling, and making horrible, horrible videos.

So what say you readers of the corn? Is Willie the worse? Who do you hate? And before all you Kitty fans (and Mike) try and tell me that Little Red is way worse let me say this. He's hilarious, and he can bounce on his head so there.

Corn Blight is busy throwing things at his TV whenever the I'm a PC; I'm a mac commercials come on. So his picks will be up later.

Well the favorites last week all covered, making it an easy week. I pulled the ND-Pitt game from the ATS since I never saw a spread, and since no one wanted either team to win anyway.

Last week

Last Week




Husker Mike 6-1
64-25 41-47
Corn Blight 5-2
59-30 39-46
JLew 5-2
60-29 34-54


Since it's become a tradition we make our picks here again. Please feel free to add your thoughts and insights in the comments section.

Iowa State (+15.5) @ Missouri

Mike: As much as I like Paul Rhodes, I think the Tigers are too much for the Cyclones.  Especially Danario Alexander.  Mizery 35, Cyclones 13

JLew: Yeah Missouri seems to be playing well. Maybe because Gabbert is healthy, healthier?  Next year they could be the team to beat in the North. Missouri 42 ISU 17

CB/Jon J: Make it unanimous. With a healthy Blaine Gabbert and Danario Alexander playing well, Missouri tears up an ISU defense that's better, but still not that great. Missouri 38, Iowa State 17

Oklahoma (-6.5) @ Texas Tech

Mike: Judging by how Stephen Sheffield limped around last week in Stillwater and how Mike Leach regrets pulling Taylor Potts, me thinks Sheffield will stay on the bench.  Sooooo.... Sooners 38, Red Raiders 28

JLew: OU is not going to fall to 3rd in the B12 South. It will not happen. Oklahoma 40 TTech 30

CB/Jon J: Hmmmmm..... This game has been a thorn in OU's side during their good seasons. I really want to pick Tech in this one. Still, Oklahoma is fighting for a respectable season. Mike has a point, until Taylor Potts does better, this is the Sooners game this year. Oklahoma 42, Texas Tech 31

Baylor (+7.5) @ Texas A&M

Mike:  Woo wee!  The Toilet Bowl!  Both teams have shocking upsets (Baylor over Missouri, A&M over Texas Tech), but only Baylor has the excuse of losing their star quarterback.  Who's going to suck less?  Hmmm... Baylor 21, Texas A&M 20

JLew: So I guess this game has a name and everything? The Battle of the Brazos. Did anyone know that? Hello? Anyone care? Give me Texas ATM 24 Baylor 20

CB:/Jon J: This is a damned good baseball match up every year. Texas A&M has become so irrelevant that no one talks about Mike Sherman being on a hot seat. That's really kind of sad. Baylor 32, Texas A&M 21.

Kansas (+27.5) @ Texas

Mike:  Will this be Mark Mangino's final game for the Jayhawks, or will they let him finish out the season at Arrowhead next weekend?  We saw signs of life out of the Jayhawks last week, with the o-line protecting Reesing and Reesing finally starting to show some mobility.  The off-field soap opera didn't affect the Jayhawks earlier this season; I don't think it will this week either.  But it's still Texas.  Texas 38, Kansas 17

JLew: I'm hearing that Mangino won't even make it to this Saturday's game. So then the announcers can drool over Colt, and then spend 3 hours talking about the problems at KU. Exactly what any school wants. Are there any recruits from KU we can plunder? Texas 77 KU 10

CB/Jon J: This is a sad, icky game, just like the sad, bloody mess that KU's football program has become. I guess that's what happens when you're a basketball school and your football program gets a bit too uppity. Soap opera? You bet, too bad there's a game to be played. Why get in the way of throwing dirt? Texas 42, Kansas 14

Kansas State (+16) @ Nebraska

Mike: Last home game for Big Suh. National TV under the lights. I like the setup.  Kansas State's season ends in Lincoln.  Nebraska 31, Kansas State 9

JLew: I hope senior day goes smoother than last year, though I'd take the same result. NU should win this game, and if they can avoid turnover mistakes they should win by double digits. NU 28 KSU 12

CB/Jon J: I don't see any way that KSU wins this game unless we have another day like we did against Iowa State. Nebraska's strengths negate KSU's strengths. 16 points is a surprisingly huge spread, though. Nebraska 27, Kansas State 14