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Corn Flakes: SUH Cat!

So you may have heard (in every article about the game) that if KSU wins they play in the B12 Championship game, and then a bowl. So KSU will be extra motivated against the Huskers. I have seen many message boards express concern over this game because of that. On the other hand people have been saying that Colorado will be dangerous since they have nothing to play for but pride, can let it all hang out, and NU is their bowl game.

So which is it? Is KSU the more dangerous team because of so much on the line, or is it CU with nothing to play for?

Lots of links today-


Not these Links... - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - Portland star might follow Suh

Odighizuwa ranks as the top high school player at his position nationally. He’s considering Nebraska in addition to offers from Oregon, Oregon State, Southern California, UCLA, Cal and Florida. How did the Huskers get him to visit?
NU coach Bo Pelini and assistant John Papuchis have made quite an impression on Odighizuwa, Wood said. "When you connect with him as a person, it far exceeds any impact of the bling," Wood said. "He has connected with them, and that is what’s really sold him to this point."

Yes please.

Husker Mike's Blasphemy: Suh Falls to #2 in Fan Voting for Heisman

I'm calling shenanigans here. They removed Suh from the choices, so you have to write him in, and then Spiller takes off. I'm willing to bet that someone is running a script to get Spiller's votes up. BOOOOOO Nissan.

Speaking of Suh-

Ndamukong Suh Website

UNL made him his own website, more on the story here. I made him a lolcat. We're all winners here people.


Nebraska Previews Kansas State - Burnt Orange Nation
Talking With the Enemy: Q&A with a KSU Blog - Nebraska Football

TB and Bring on the Cats talks Huskers

Kansas State Previews Nebraska - Burnt Orange Nation

Corn Nation talks Cats

K-State-Nebraska football preview -

Basic overview of the game, I like to read them every Fri.

Playing Nebraska means something to K-State’s players again -
Cats know Black Shirts are back |

So yeah Nebraska used to be good, and KSU used to be good, and now they are both kinda ok. I'll be happy when this stops being a story.

Life in the Red's Blog | Breakfast with Beck

Beck also showed the crowd a psyche-up video coaches will show the team before the game. The video begins by showing the definition of "opportunity." Then you see the words: "Goal #1: Dominate the Big 12 North."

Sounds like Helu is still not 100%, but Rex is back College Football - Weekend preview of the Big 12 2009 Big 12 Fearless Picks - The North Title

What will happen: The Husker defense will pitch a near-perfect game to overcome a shaky performance from the offense. The turnaround won’t be complete under Pelini, but it’ll be a big step forward.

Steven M. Sipple: Keeping an eye on the coaching carousel

Sipple's weekly column where he covers what he wants, from NU football, to KSU, to the Heisman race; this week he neglects to mention when it's ok to put up your Christmas lights.

Ex-Kansas Jayhawks players: Coach Mark Mangino said 'hurtful' things - ESPN

Former KU players air their dirty laundry about Mangino. (Husker Mike: The concerns about physical abuse fall flat with me. You're football players; far worse happens on the field. But some of the things Mangino is alleged to have said are outrageous, to say the least.)

Source: A.D. 'undercutting' Mangino

Another story by John Taylor at NBC Sports has a source talking about how KU athletic director is behind all the bad stuff about Mangino. Is this a blood bath for KU or what? How much worse can it get than this? - CB

Joc Crawford is Willing to Drive The Bus Over Mangino

More Mangino? You bet. Joc Crawford was a JUCO transfer who left this season, obviously over playing time. There's no credibility here, only another angle of a train wreck. - CB

Sweet Lew Just Might Be an Evil Genius

Regarding Mark Mangino, Lew Perkins, and how this all might have happened. Worth a look. Really. Unless you're already tired of the Mangino thing, but hey! This is like a soap opera for dudes (okay, I can't take credit for that line, It was BRN's Brandon Vogel on twitter), completely stolen. - CB
Please note that Sweet Lew is not related to me, though I may be an evil genius as well - JLew