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Cornflakes - Oklahoma Is Not Our Rival Edition

Tell Us Why You Think NU-OU Rivalry Still Transcends Time, Loyalties

Nebraska's biggest football rival makes its once-every-four-year stop in Lincoln Saturday

There's something wrong in that sentence.... oh... maybe the fact that a rivalry is supposed to be played every year. Not whenever it rolls around on the schedule. Can we get past the fact that Oklahoma is no longer our rival? Ever? - CB

ThaiXpatWriter: Nebraska Football's 2 greatest knights
Husker fan in Thailand hasn't given up on the team and continues to watch because of Crick and Suh. Or is that Suh and Crick? This is a guy who stays up most of the night, yet he's still there..... - CB

How to Beat Oklahoma
Steve at BRN has the keys for beating Oklahoma. Have you written this game off as a loss already? - CB

Plenty of room to grow
Regarding Cody Green - please notice that it does not say "Plenty of time to grow". It does not say that because there is no time. NO TIME!!!! Grow up right now, Cody Green! ARRRGhhhh - CB

Tight North race shows no sign of clearing up - Big 12 - ESPN

Imagine this scenario that could play out this weekend.

Uh, no. I don't want to imagine Big 12 North scenarios just to create more content. I'm not going to do that - I'm just not, because no matter what I do, it will favor Nebraska because I want it to. If someone else feels like they can write non-biased objective views of the North race, I will promise to promote their stuff to the front page. - CB 

Big changes a comin'? - Rock Chalk Talk

Hey, at least both our QB's are new guys this year. How'd you like to have a veteran quarterback who's not playing well? Todd Reesing gets benched. Jayhawk fans.... well.. go read this for insight into what they're thinking. - CB

Dan Hawkins Press Conference Drinking Game - The Ralphie Report
Take a drink every..... OMG! This one ought to save a lot of time as you pass out within five minutes of it's start. Maybe Hawk should have a pre-game press conference and save all the Colorado fans from having to watch the games. - CB

Fat Little Girlfriends :Clarified - Double-T Nation
Mike Leach aims to save America, while his "fat little girlfriends" comment makes it on Jimmy Kimmel. Fish sandwich and lemonade for lunch? That sounds bloody awful, doesn't it? - CB

AP Poll Voter Ranks Teams On Merit - It's Crazy, Man! Just Crazy!!!!
In my third year of voting in the Associated Press poll, I've chosen to judge teams almost strictly based on what happens on the field while following the first guideline listed by the Associated Press: "Base your vote on performance, not reputation or preseason speculation." And, for a while, I became the "crazy" voter. Who knew facts could be so controversial?

Hmmm...... Poll voter group think? Shocking, I say! - CB