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Big 12 Cob of the Week: Can A Fat Man Fit Under A Bus, Texas A&M, and Colorado

I got tired of waiting for Corn Blight to give me a nomination so the heck with him I'm going to do one of my own. Maybe it's not fair to Husker Mike and Jlew because it didn't happen last week but it happened because of last week. I going to make this nomination because its the 800-pound gorilla ha ha ha that can't be ignored even though everyone in Kansas want us to.

Q: Can Mark Mangino fit under a bus?

A: Only if it's a really big bus.

My nomination goes to Kansas athletic director Lew Perkins. It's pretty clear by now that Perkins wants Mangino gone, to the point that he's released university documents detailing an example of Mangino's bad behavior. Oh. Maybe Perkins didn't release those they were leaked! We've heard about Mangino "putting his finger in the chest of a player" as if its a bad thing. First he could have put his finger somewhere else we'd have to hear about and second there are 300 pound guys running into each other as part of the sport. If some player can't handle his coach putting his finger in his chest perhaps he could take up a board game like Clue or better yet Chutes N Ladders.

If Perkins wanted to fire Mangino, why doesn't he just call him into his office and fire him. Because that requires a spine. Better to drag your own coach through the mud than to have people question you. That makes me want to work for him right there.

KU will get a better coach. They'll be a football powerhouse. Taxes will go down, every one will get free chickens and no one who graduated a Jayhawk will ever die again. Good luck with that, Lew

Husker Mike:

Every so often this season, A&M jumps up and looks like an up and coming program. Then they go out and start swirling the drain again. This week, it was the 2nd quarter against Oklahoma, giving up four touchdowns to stretch a 14-10 deficit to 42-10 and a trip behind the Sooners woodshed. We expect performances like that from Baylor, especially now that Robert Griffin is out. We've grown accustomed to it from Colorado because of suckage at head coach...and now A&M seems to have become Colorado South. Or is Colorado now A&M North? Oh Bill Byrne, what have you done?


Oh Colorado we can't have a week without mentioning you. Just when we think you are going to show some pride, by beating Texas A&M, you go and lose to Iowa State. This is not just a single game aberration (see NU vs ISU) this is a continued melt-down. Four trips in side the 10 yard line resulted in 3 points. CU is now 2-18 in road games with Hawkins running the show, and CU will miss a bowl for the 3rd time in 4 season.