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Mark Mangino Under Fire.... From Former Player's Parents??????

Apparently Kansas Athletic Director Lew Perkins had a meeting with a group of KU players regarding Mark Mangino's behavior. One rumor is that Mangino got into an altercation with one of his players earlier this season, only to be balanced by another rumor than said he ate one.

Funny what a five-game losing streak can do to your career.

It's nasty news for Mark Mangino and the KU faithful. But it gets worse. Former players' parents are organizing against him.

The source said there is an organized group of former players' parents ready to air their concerns about Mangino as well.

No one can help him now. Remember the line - "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". Well, these days you can toss the "woman" part, replace it with "mommy" and you'll get a small taste of what's going to happen next.

In the long run it won't matter. If Kansas runs a program so full of weiner boys that their parents have to get involved, what difference does the head coach make?