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CBS Sports Blog Poll Week 11 - Stability At The Top of the College Football Rankings

- The top nine teams remain the same. With six undefeated teams left in mid-November, we'll most likely hear a lot more screaming about a playoff system this week, how we need one to repair all the injustices in the world. It's been that way for a long time now, but every season teams stumble and the system as it stands turns out to be not nearly as bad as it seems now.

- There are only two teams with one loss at this point, Georgia Tech and Pittsburgh.

- Ohio State is the highest ranked two-loss team. Do they deserve to be above Pitt?

- Otherwise, you've got a big gob of teams at 7-3. These will be worked out of the system in the next week or so as November takes its toll.

- Does Houston still deserve to be ranked over, say, Nebraska?

Rank Team Delta
1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Alabama
5 Boise State
6 Cincinnati
7 Georgia Tech
8 Ohio State
9 Pittsburgh
10 Oklahoma State 2
11 LSU 3
12 Oregon 6
13 Penn State 4
14 Wisconsin 6
15 Stanford 10
16 Virginia Tech 5
17 Utah 6
18 Brigham Young 4
19 Oregon State
20 Miami (Florida) 10
21 Southern Cal 6
22 Clemson
23 Iowa 4
24 Navy
25 Houston 12
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Arizona (#16), West Virginia (#23).