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Corn Flakes: A Statement to be Made Against KU

So do KU fans care about the football team anymore? It is basketball season after all. Watch out though it's senior day.

This is a statement game of sorts for NU. It's a statement that NU can handle some momentum, that NU is ready to take the next step in being back, and a statement that the offense can score some points?

Curt McKeever: There is no way NU can overlook Kansas
McKeever says that the KU is very important for NU, and looks at the offensive production of late.

KU looking for healthier Sharp to help running game -
To have a chance KU wil have to get a running game going. I rally don't think that hey will be able to.

Steven M. Sipple: Henery the unsung hero for Huskers
Hmmm someone here was saying the same thing earlier this week. - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - A three-step program
3 steps for 3 games. Win them all? Do you think it will be that easy? Blight mentioned chaos in a past this week. Would you expect anything different?

NE - Five Keys: Kansas
1. Use both QB's effectively, 2. Is Reesing done? 3. Watch for KU to take deep shots 4. V for Vengeance 5. O-Line playing together 6.?!? (Can't they count?) Use Beck's experience as an advantage

3 things to ponder on game day: NU vs. Kansas
Will NU get a long scoring drive? Will Holt and Gilleylen make the most of getting called back up? How will the QB's be used? - The Omaha World-Herald: Metro/Region - Collins delivers parting shots

Facing a mandatory life sentence for first-degree murder in the killing of California drug dealer Timothy Thomas, the 30-year-old former Husker wasn't about to let a group of kids steal his, um, moment. Against a backdrop of plaid skirts, headbands and school sweat shirts, Collins said his piece by quoting that former leader of young people, retired basketball coach Bobby Knight. But before he did so, Collins — perhaps the most polite convicted killer in recent Douglas County history — told the kids to "cover your ears." He then recited the Knight line in which the coach asks to be buried upside down. "So all my critics can kiss my (expletive)," Collins said. And then things really got surreal. .... He reiterated his stance that he's no snitch — saying that was part of the reason he left the Nebraska football team as a senior. Collins, a running back, said he took the fall rather than snitch about what he now claims were $1,000-a-month payments from boosters.

No jokes this is just sad.

Cooper leads surging Huskers past Aggies

In September, Nebraska had a set point against it and crumpled against the very same Aggies. This time, the No. 9 Huskers stared defeat in the eye and never wavered in a 29-27, 25-17, 25-15 victory.


So how will they Volleyball team handle the post season? Looks like they are improving.