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College Football Predictions - Week 11

So you thought I'd go with the Mangino is fat opening huh? Well I did already call him the Great Pumpkin in week 9, and really it's too easy. Everyone knows that he's fat, everyone has seen that baby that looks like him.

No what we are doing today is trying to decide when is it ok to root for Notre Dame? Will you be doing so this weekend? Which is better Weiss, or Steve Peterson's Pitt? No they cannot both lose....

Last week was.... yeah last week.

Last week

Last Week




Husker Mike 3-3
58-24 36-46
Corn Blight 3-3
54-28 34-45
JLew 2-4
55-27 29-53

Gambling sucks kids. Just remember that the next time you look at Baylor @ Missouri and put all your bar money on that 'sure" thing. Ugh.

Well at least there maybe some humor in continuing these picks.

Colorado (+5.5) @ Iowa State

Mike:  The Cyclone offense pretty much disappeared the last three weeks, even with Austen Arnaud returning last week.  Meanwhile, the Buffies pulled off another upset at home.  That's the key factor here.  Iowa State needs to get off to a fast start and get into the lead.  That'll make Dan Hawkins think his boy Cody needs to come in to throw the ball around to save the team.  With the inevitable results.  Cyclones 28, Buffies 17

Corn Blight: Colorado can’t string two wins together and for some reason, Iowa State has been beating the Buffs in Ames lately. I’ll take that as a sign. ISU 27, CU 17

JLew: Which CU shows up? What the hell is going on with this team? I don't feel safe putting any money on them. Ah heck I'll take the points. CU 28 ISU 27

Missouri (-1) @ Kansas State

Mike: Missouri laid one stinky turd on Faurot Field last week.  Meanwhile, all the Wildcats do is win.  So why aren't the Wildcats favored at home?  Me thinks Vegas knows something, and I think they're right.  KSU isn't as good as they appear...and the Tiggers aren’t as bad.  Tigers 31, Wildcats 28

Corn Blight: Tigers vs Wildcats.….  I’m thinking Tigers win that one if we’re into mascot challenges...  but this one is all about emotion. Bill Snyder has his Wildcats believing. Can Gary Pinkel pull the same out of his Tigers? Not many seniors on that Missouri team. Husker fans all want a Missouri win. Me too. Not going to happen, though.  KSU 27, Missouri 24

JLew: So yeah I didn't think that KSU would win another game. I still don't think KSU will win another game! MU should be able to attack the soft pass defense of KSU. KSU has been quite good at bringing some hard hits though. Still Gabbert has to do something right? KSU 20 MU 23

Texas A&M (+20.5) @ Oklahoma

Mike:  Both teams got upset last week... but Oklahoma's loss is better explained than A&M's.  No way the Sooners drop to 5-5; in fact, I think they come out royally p-o'ed.  Sooners 42, Aggies 14.

Corn Blight: Oklahoma squashes the Aggies. I would hate to be a Texas A&M guy right now. I just... don’t see much hope for them for a few years yet. OU 38, TAMU 14

JLew: Yep Husker fans know the ending to this ATM book. Sooners angry! Sooner smash! Don't worry Aggie fans it'll all be over in 3-4 more years. OU 35 A&M 17

Texas Tech (+4) @ Oklahoma State

Mike:  Cowboys might have played their best game since Labor Day in Ames last week.  But Steven Sheffield apparently isn't quite ready to start, and it looks like Taylor Potts might get the start anyway.  Not sure how to read this, but if it's Potts, I'll take the Cowboys.  OSU 34, TT 31

Corn Blight: What I’d really like to see here is a shouting match between Mike Leach and Mike Gundy. Maybe a post-game presser brawl. Still, watching this game can be exciting because both teams play each other to the wire in Stillwater. Red Raiders haven’t won since 2001 there, though. Won’t again this year. Taylor Potts does suck. OSU 48, TT 35

JLew: Ohhh the South is so awesome, OSU or Tech would win the North hands down blah blah blah. OSU should be able to handle Tech with either QB. OSU 42 Tech 31

Texas (-24) @ Baylor

Mike:  Raise your hand if you saw Baylor upsetting Missouri last week.  Didn't think so.  Now raise your hand if you think Baylor will upset Texas this week.  Didn't think so either.  Longhorns 41, Bearsh 13

Corn Blight: Texas won’t lose until the Big 12 title game. Ho hum. Texas 52, Baylor 10

JLew: Is Colt still in the running for the Heisman? Does anyone care? About the award or this game? Will any Baylor fans show up? Texas 38 Baylor 13

Pitt vs Notre Dame

Corn Blight: Charlie Weis vs the tag team of Steve Pederson/Dave Wannstache. Which would I rather see - Charlie Weis’ arrogant head hanging down, or Steve Pederson’s athletic department knocked from their lofty heights? Who the hell am I kidding? Charlie Weis has got other games in which he’ll suck. I’m cheering for Charlie and Jimmy this week! Notre Dame 28, Pitt 21

Mike:  This is what I used to call a "Global Thermonuclear War" game.  I wouldn't care if both teams got blown off the face of the earth.  Well, scratch that.  Save the players; but the coaches and athletic directors both can go pound sand.  But with Notre Dame alumni already calling for Weis' scalp, I'll have to turn my attention to Evil Incarnate.  Can't believe I'm saying this, but Go Irish.  Fat Egomaniac 24, Evil Egomaniac 21

JLew: I root for the Irish, for this game, if only so ND will be forced to keep Weiss for longer, leading to more sucking. Irish 24 Pitt 21

Nebraska (-3.5) @ Kansas

Mike:  This point spread is a little closer than I thought it would be, which tells me (a) Vegas still has no faith in the NU offense (and why should they?) and (b) Kansas has shown signs of progress by hanging with Tech and Kansas State the last two weeks.  I think a hobbled Todd Reesing is a bad matchup against Ndamukong Suh and Jared Crick.  I actually think that if Nebraska can go vertical in Lawrence, this game might not be close.  But we're still talking about the Husker offense:  NU 20, Kansas 9

Corn Blight: There are so many what ifs in this game it isn’t funny. The ONLY thing clearly established is that Nebraska’s defense is one of the best of the nation and playing at it’s best right now. That means it’s time for the offense to get something going, anything. Nebraska 17, Kansas 6

JLew: So does this game really matter? Nu can still win the North with a loss. I really think that the offense finds some yards and maybe some points. KU is trying to block Suh with a red-shirt Freshman. I really don't know how KU will be able to move the ball. NU 24 KU 10