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Corn Flakes: Which Wave Came First: The Wheat or the Sea?

So this question comes from a "discussion" I had with a KSU "fan" at last years KSU/NU game. To be fair she may have been drunk, and she was kinda an idiot. I blame the idiot part on watching a Ron Prince coached team for several years. Anyway after (another) Nebraska TD we started "Waving the Sea of Red" and the woman claimed that we were "Waving the Wheat" and that we stole it from Kansas. I told her NU would never steal anything from KU, but I wasn't sure what came first. They are similar. So anyone know the story?


Nebraska football fans put the wave in the "Sea of Red" swaying their arms back and forth while the Nebraska Marching Band plays "There Is No Place Like Nebraska."

After every KU touchdown, Jayhawk Fans "Wave the Wheat", a long-standing tradition at games.

Post what you know in the comments section.

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Nebraska isn’t a one-man team, it just seems that way -
This is a team defense. - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - QB starter? Bo knows, won't say
Like he'd tell you! It's on a need to know basis and you don't need to know.

Kinnie learning how to be Husker
It would be huge if he steps up to end the season.

Steven M. Sipple: Watson advocates caution for RBs
Sipple's weekly article where he goes through all his notes. He does give the answer to life, and everything, but his doesn't share the question. 2009 Big 12 Fearless Picks

What will happen: The Nebraska defense will be the Nebraska defense again, but the Nebraska offense will be the Nebraska offense again. KU will be held to under 50 yards rushing, but Reesing will come up with an ultra-efficient game and won’t make the mistakes that Oklahoma’s Landry Jones made last week on the way to a tough win.

A Season Without Villains - Burnt Orange Nation

A Texas Longhorns fan laments not having any enemies in 2009.
Go read this, then remember it. November is a cruel month, and December can be much worse. This is why you don't write things like this in mid-November. - CB

More awesomeness.

The Wiz of Odds: Attempted Robbery Victim: Let Players Stay on Team

"I think they should still be able to play football, regardless. Tennessee is my place. It's my football team," Corey B. Zickefoose, 20, told WATE-TV in Knoxville. "Even after they put a gun in your face, you say let them play football?" reporter Harlow Sumerford asked. "Yeah, it's Tennessee. That's the way it is sometimes," Zickefoose said.

Well I think Lane could use this in recruiting, come to Tennessee where you can rob our fans and they still love you.

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