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Corn Flakes: Out Sick

Well the younger CLew is and I'm home with him watching the Nebraska Football Show. So not a lot of links, not that there is much going on anyhow, nor any deep thoughts. You'll all survive somehow I know.

Suh is Lombardi Award finalist
1 of 4 players announced. This is great but what about the Heisman? - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - Chatelain: Numbers paint muddled picture for NU offense
This just in Nu's offense is bad. Some of these stats are pretty bad though...

Steven M. Sipple: Pelini wants NU offense to be flexible
Make no mistake, Pelini has great faith in his coordinator, Shawn Watson. In my conversations with Pelini, he defends Watson with great passion (you can imagine).
Hmmmm I thought all the offensive woes were because of Watson? Seems that the head man does not share that opinion.

Pelini on 2010 class: 'We just have to finish it off'
Only a few more spots left. What positions would you like to see fill out this small class.

Standhardinger leads NU to win
The true freshman scored 18 points and grabbed seven rebounds Tuesday night in Nebraska’s 71-39 exhibition victory over Hastings College at the Devaney Sports Center.
Blight is still looking for a Basketball person for the site. Email him if interested.