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Big 12 Cob of the Week: Missouri's Defense, KSU Fans And Texas A&M's Hopes... All Fading

What a week in the Big 12! An odd week in that neither Nebraska or Colorado got nominated for Cobs, perhaps setting up a monumental showdown at the end of the season where Nebraska must win in Boulder to win the Big 12 North or lose it to some other less worthy team.

What is going on in the photo above? Are we witnessing the joyous grasp of victory, or is there fraternization going on within the Buffs football team? Caption that photo in the comments section!

Husker Mike:

I'm going with Missouri's defense. Iowa State shut out Baylor until late in the game. Nebraska's true freshman quarterback threw a pick-6 to get Baylor on the scoreboard.

But all of a sudden Baylor scores 40, and Missouri allows true freshman quarterback Nick Florence to set a Baylor school record 427 yards passing.

Baylor scores 40 ... in Columbia ... without Robert Griffin???


KSU fans are bad family members. With Bill Snyder coming back the season was seemingly to be a year-long welcome back tour, called the "K-State Family Reunion" but it seems that KSU fan can't be bothered with family. K-State as you may have heard leads the B12 North. Last Saturday this league leading team played against the hated rival Kansas in the Sunflower Showdown.

Ron Prince had been unable to beat Kansas, ever. It would seem to be a big deal. So where were the Purple fans? Saturday in Manhattan was beautiful, sunny, high 60's, no wind, but the announced attendance in the Bill Synder Family Stadium was only 48,306 (Capacity is 52,200). You have something better to do Cat Fans? And where were you Jawhawk fans? Too busy defacing property in Manhattan?

Corn Blight:

Oh... Aggies, Aggies, Aggies. You lose to Colorado. A loss that crushed your bowl dreams and has somehow given the Buff faithful hope? How could you be so cruel?