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Corn Flakes: Hate Day?

If this has been hate week does that make today hate day?

Columbia, MO weather forecast for tonight
Tonight: Occasional showers and thunderstorms. Some of the storms could produce heavy rainfall. Low around 45. North wind between 8 and 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%.

What to watch for in the Big 12, Week 6 - Big 12 - ESPN - Sizing up the storylines: Missouri
Tim Griffin will be watching Zac Lee and Blaine Gabbert as well as the MU running game.

NE - Five Keys to Missouri

Midweek TV game beckons Tigers and Huskers - College Football -

Missouri Tigers Enemy Intel: Examining the Nebraska Cornhuskers
I did a Q&A session for Bleach Report, for Ryan Faller. Unfortunately, he lists me as "Joe Johnston" which is rather bizarre because that was supposed to be my real name, the name my mother wanted, but because I was a difficult birth (imagine THAT), my dad named me "Jon" instead. Anyway..... check it out. - CB

Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Missouri Tigers Preview, October 8 2009 - NCAA College Football - ESPN
The combined record of Missouri's four opponents is 6-12, with Football Championship Subdivision team Furman accounting for three of those victories against its Southern Conference foes.

"Writer's Block" - Behind the Stripes -
BTS: What’s the key matchup in this game that’s going to determine who wins? Shatel: It sounds like whoever handles their jet skis better. Kidding. I think it’s, without question, Nebraska’s defensive front four vs. Missouri’s O-Line and Gabbert. Suh and Co. can’t let the kid get in a comfort zone at home. And if they have to blitz a lot, that’s trouble against this offense. Last year, Pelini didn’t think his D-Line was good enough yet so he came up with some wrinkle to try and fool Mizzou. Didn’t exactly work. No gimmicks this year. I expect four-man pressure most of the night. They’re pretty good. We’ll see how good.

Missourians, Nebraskans have at least two things in common -
They consider two straight Big 12 North titles — neither of them outright titles, mind you, and earned in the final year and immediate aftermath of the unfortunate period known as the Bill Callahan era — as evidence of a shift in the college football power structure established over the course of decades. They cannot be true fans if they have never bought a scalped ticket to a spring game.

Gabbert stands at flash point of Nebraska-Mizzou game - Kansas City Star’s Pat Forde — coincidentally, a Missouri journalism graduate — has already fanned the flames, ghost-writing this in-your-face, supposed apology to Nebraska in Gabbert’s name: "I’d just like to sincerely apologize to Nebraska fans for committing to you in May of 2007, then dumping you a few months later for a Big 12 North rival. Look, I was only a junior in high school, and I didn’t know Bill Callahan was going to pilot your program like it was the Exxon Valdez. So I bailed and went with my home-state school. "Don’t hate me because I’m No. 4 nationally in pass efficiency and have yet to throw an interception in college, and it’s up to your defense to stop me Thursday night in a clash of Big 12 North contenders. "Love the one you’re with. In this case, Zac Lee."
Sigh* Can anyone find 1 NU fan that holds any grudge against Gabbert? Hey NU fans didn't like Callahan either.

Predictions - Steven M. Sipple: Nebraska can make statement with win
This time, however, I predict the Huskers will snare a grand road triumph, at last, something along the lines of 35-28 — sort of like the good ol’ days. 2009 Big 12 Fearless Predictions - Week 6
What will happen: Missouri has more firepower and has the ability to score quicker and from anywhere on the field better than Nebraska can, but the Huskers should be able to power away to keep control of the game, and QB Zac Lee should be ultra-efficient and should keep the chains moving. Missouri will have some impressive moments on offense, but there won’t be enough of them.

Big 12 predictions, Week 6 - Big 12 - ESPN
Nebraska 38, Missouri 31: The Cornhuskers have been waiting for their shot at the Tigers for a long time, particularly after losing the last two games to the Tigers by a combined margin of 93-23. That hasn’t gone down smoothly for the Cornhuskers and particularly Bo Pelini, who has never beaten Missouri after also losing to them as Nebraska's defensive coordinator in 2003. I think that trend changes Thursday night in the slop in Columbia, Mo., where I look for the Cornhuskers to dominate in the trenches. If the weather is nasty, as expected, I think the running of Roy Helu Jr. becomes even more effective. Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert will have his moments with his talented crew of athletic receivers. But I just don’t think the Missouri offensive line can keep Ndamukong Suh, Barry Turner, Pierre Allen and Jared Crick away for the whole game.

The Star’s college football predictions - Kansas City Star
3 have MU winning, 2 have NU winning. All scores are close.

Dr. Bob's Nebraska/Missouri Game Analysis
He comes up with a Nebraska winner, but take the Missouri points.

General Riff-Raff

Nebraska's 300th Home Sellout - ABC News
ABC news does a short story on the 300th sell-out - NU VB comes off break with sweep of Kansas

10 States That Rank Lowest on a Brain Health Index - MSN Health & Fitness - Nutrition
Oklahoma came in second to last, no mention if this was a result of Sooner Nation.