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Corn Flakes: Geared up for Mizzou - Huskers gear up for trip to Mizzou
I hate to say this, but until NU wins one of these on the road all the talk in the world won't make me feel any better.

Missouri hopes to get running game going against Nebraska - Kansas City Star
Some outside the team contend Washington, who had offseason knee surgery, has lost a step.
Missouri cannot expect to win many games in the B12 without a decent running game.

Are the Nebraska Cornhuskers behind '08 ball? -
Both sides insist it's a new year, but Thursday's dynamic could be affected by last year's blowout. - The Omaha World-Herald: Sports - Football: Mum’s the word for MU’s Gabbert
Just stop ok, Gabbert did the smart thing and went to Missouri. NU was in turmoil at the time, and this is nothing like Freeman leaving for KSU.

NE - All Eyes on Blaine

"Behind the Numbers: MU-NU, Part II" - Behind the Stripes -
NU gets a "slight" edge in the running game, and pushes for passing, and special teams? Shouldn't it be edge goes to NU for running, and MU for passing?

Lee leads balanced Nebraska offense against Missouri - Big 12 - ESPN
"It might seem vague to the untrained eye, because it seems like we don’t really do any particular thing for one game," center Jacob Hickman said. "One game it will be the pass and the next game it will be the run. We’ve gotten to the point where we understand whatever they give us is what we’re going to take.

Big 12 mailbag: What Nebraska needs to do against Missouri? - Big 12 - ESPN
Roddy from Hickory, N.C., writes: Tim, who is key for the Cornhuskers' D vs. Blaine Gabbert and Danario Alexander on Thursday?
Tim Griffin: Roddy, I have to think the key for Nebraska will be pressuring Gabbert. As such, Ndamukong Suh’s pass-rush ability will be huge for Missouri in order to rattle the sophomore quarterback. If Suh can spend most of the game in Missouri’s backfield pressuring Blaine Gabbert, it’s going to be difficult for the Tigers to win that game. I think if the Blackshirts can get three or more sacks, they’ve got a great chance of winning that game. And if they can maintain consistent pressure, I’m thinking it could really get into Gabbert’s head, even if he’s playing at home. It’s something he really hasn’t faced that much this season.

On the Spot: 'Husker D can't be back in Black until it reverses track at Missouri - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF - Yahoo! Sports
A loss here would not be the end of the world for Nebraska: Th entire conference schedule still lies ahead, and the Big 12 title is not really on the radar yet, anyway. At the very least, though, Nebraska fans would like to be able to head to the stadium with confidence that a spread with a competent quarterback isn't going to automatically hang 40 points on them. Win or lose, a strong defensive performance against one of the league's best offenses, on the road, would at least be a sign that the 'Huskers are returning to some of the fundamental strengths that helped make them dominant for so many years -- and that some equilibrium has been restored to a program that's must be sick and tired of watching opposing offenses set the pace in shootouts for a change.
So NU fans, would you be happy with that? 2009 CFN Big 12 Week 6 Staff Picks
Early picks have 2 for NU and 2 for MU, and Clucko picks... NU! Yayyy.

Lincoln's Haymarket Arena Plan May Go to Voters in May (Omaha World-Herald)
Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler recognizes Doc Sadler's program is rapidly rising, and if the city wants to build an arena, it makes sense to do it now rather than have the athletic department invest millions of dollars to upgrade the Devaney Center.

A dumb list of the best 10 college hoops programs of all-time, and a better list of the best football programs | Upon Further Review
8. Nebraska, although if Bill Callahan had his way, this would be more like 28th. If you're curious, Missouri comes in at 37th, Kansas 58th, and K-State 71st among 81 teams overall.