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Big 12 Cob Of The Week: Oklahoma, Colorado, and Farmageddon

You might have thought that the bye week would have left us a little short of nominations. Not so fast, my friend! There's plenty of choices!

Texas A&M should have made this list for such a bad performance against Arkansas. Oh, look, they do!!!

Corn Blight:

My Cob nomination goes to Oklahoma. The offensive line is horrible not because they're bad athletes, but because they're playing poorly. Even Trent Williams, one of the best in the nation got so frustrated as to pick up a personal foul penalty for a leg whip.

The Sooners looked directionless, leaderless and faithless against Miami. Even then, they only lost by one.

Husker Mike:

Once again, Colorado gets my nomination. On the opening play, Colorado failed to cover a West Virginia receiver sprinting downfield...but was overthrown. So on the next play, Noel Devine ran untouched 77 yards for a touchdown.

And it was all downhill from there. West Virginia even tried to help out the Buffies, turning the ball over four times in the first half, but the Buffies are simply beyond help. Nice way to show up on national television. Is one of the Denver TV stations planning a telethon to help pay for the coaching change?


My cob goes to the ISU/KSU decision to move their game, "Farmageddon" to Kansas City. Sure it was a good game for a pillow fight, but it sounds like the traffic was awful, and the environment was sterile. The attendance was sad as well, only 40,851.

Keep college football games on college campuses where they belong.