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Corn Flakes: Always an Underdog

I really like the way the team is handling this week. Missouri seems to be doing all the talking, they seem over-confident, barking about being dis-respected, Nebraska seems to be keeping their heads down, working hard, not saying much, and want to let their play do the talking.

Happy to be the hunter -
Can either team really play the underdog card? - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - Huskers are optimistic heading into Mizzou game
"To me, it really doesn't matter what happened last year. This is a different point in time, different scenario, different players. It's not really an issue to me. We got out-executed last year. We got beat. And what happened last year isn't going to have any correlation on what happens this year, unless we let it.''
So wait, despite what every Missouri fan is saying, last year's game has no effect on this year's game? I thought for sure that the score carried over or something with the way they were talking. -JL

Life in the Red's Blog | Three keys for Big Red
1. Put consistent pressure on Blaine Gabbert. 2. Give Mizzou (4-0) a heavy dose of Helu. 3. Be efficient in the red zone.

Gabbert's quick start powers Missouri's 4-0 start - Big 12 - ESPN
More Gabbert Gush. Look at Lee's numbers from the Sun Belt swing and tell me again, who has Gabbert played? -JL

Zac Lee Expect to Play Key Role Against Tigers (Lincoln Journal-Star)
And in other earth-shattering news, water is wet. Seriously, Lee knows he has to perform better than he did at Virginia Tech. -CB

Pinkel excited about Thursday night matchup with Nebraska
It should be interesting.
ESPN's Big 12 blogger Tim Griffin's comment about Thursday night's game.... the understatement of the year so far. - CB

Well, What Do You Really Think of This Game?
Another shot from Mizzourah about our schedule, as if Missouri has much room to talk. This time it's about comparing one team's crappy scheduling against another's. Whooeee.... that's something to get huffy about! - CB

Football rivalry creates challenges for NU’s Missouri natives
NU’s starting left guard said he occasionally catches flak for picking Nebraska, but that doesn’t bother him. "I get crap for it, but I made the right choice," he said.
Mike McNeill, Will Compton and Keith Williams are all Missouri natives who have chosen to play for Nebraska. Apparently the Missouri Tigers fans in their state aren't so supportive. Big Shock there, eh? - CB

Updated BTBS Projections - Rock M Nation
Bill at Rock M Nation has a statistical methodology for predicting the football season, pretty interesting stuff. He project a Missouri win Thursday night by .4 points. Don't hold it against hiim, instead have a look. - CB

Mizzou Links, 10-6-09 - Rock M Nation
A few rundown of links is over at Rock M Nation so if you are looking for more head over there. -JL

Florida Gators' first test, Jimmy Clausen's Heisman chances - Stewart Mandel -
Underrated: Nebraska (AP: No. 21. Coaches: No. 22). The 3-1 Huskers' resume is admittedly light: All they have are three lopsided wins over Sun Belt foes. But I know this much: On Sept. 19, I watched Nebraska play Virginia Tech toe-to-toe in Blacksburg before falling at the last second. The Hokies are currently ranked fifth. Miami -- whom Virginia Tech walloped last week -- is 11th. Something tells me the Huskers are closer to their class.

Former Cornhusker Trying to Buy Back His Hardware
Aaron Taylor lost his Outland Trophy and seven championship rings during bankruptcy proceedings of the failed "Scarlet and Cream Letter Club Bar" that closed in 2007. Now he's trying to get them back. The items are to be auctioned in Scottsbluff on October 31st. Taylor plans to go there and buy back as much as he can. I probably wouldn't have publicized that, given that someone else will just drive up the bids. Hopefully Taylor will be successful, however. The article also states "there is a movement among Nebraska fans looking to help Taylor buy back the hardware" but doesn't give any specifics. YA THINK THAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN USEFUL INFORMATION????? - CB

Carter reinstated, Potts doubtful for Saturday
Texas Tech's Brandon Carter gets re-instated after being previously suspended indefinitely by Mike Leach. Apparently Leach isn't a complete idiot, but doesn't tolerate much pushback from his players. - CB