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2009 Corn Nation Pick 'Em Update

Last week's weekly winner was Grayhound, with a perfect 14-0 record, while this week's winner is Huskerhorsepower, coming in at 9-3. Both of you may contact me with your mailing address, and your t-shirt size, and I'll send you each an official Corn Nation T-Shirt, as modeled below by our very own Klaus Bierbauch.

We will be putting the t-shirts on sale here at CN as soon as I get my laptop back from repair (and rescue the web site code). If you're interested for now, please send me an email.


Overall standings are as follows:

1 - Man Against the World
2 - BigC1972
3 - obxsmitty
4 - Huskerhorsepower's
5 - zoomerjoe