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Corn Flakes: This week NU becomes the B12 North Favorite

Links coming in fast and furious like, except without cars and bad acting, well you get the idea. NU has moved to about a field goal favorite thus far after the line opened at NU +1. So you can see where the money is moving.

Pinkel 'Very Impressed' with Huskers
Pinkel said he’s "very impressed" with the 3-1 Cornhuskers, who visit the 4-0 Tigers Thursday night in Columbia. "Very well-coached, very disciplined," Pinkel said. "I think they’re playing very, very well…you look for weaknesses, and I don’t see any. I think they’re sound in every area."
Don't worry, Gary Pinkel will save the "we'll have to play mistake-free football to win" line for Tuesday. - CB

Exploring the Rankings for Mizzou and Nebraska
The A.P. Poll voting is a matter of public record, and interestingly, or not, the lone A.P. voter from the state of Nebraska did not rank Missouri at all and the lone A.P. voter from the state of Missouri did not rank Nebraska at all.
Rather than feel like some guy from Missouri slighted Nebraska and vice versa, I propose an alternative solution. They're both fools. - CB

The World the Last Time The Huskers Won in Columbia Missouri
Mizzourah reminds us what the world looked like the last time Nebraska won in Columbia. It's hard to believe - it's an understatement to say I hope this streak ends. - CB

Remembering Back When Missouri Was Last Conference (Co-)Champions
For all their talk, MU hasn't really won anything lately. Last year's team that sent so many to the NFL? Ended up in the Alamo Bowl.-JL

Mizzou now looms as challenge for Nebraska -
"Flea-kicker loss in 1997?" Is that what they called it? Loved this quote as well-
They lead the nation in scoring defense, averaging 7.0 a game, though their schedule has featured Florida Atlantic, Arkansas State and Louisiana-Lafayette. Nebraska also played Virginia Tech, which handed the Huskers their only loss, 16-15, in the waning moments.
So see OUR schedule is bad and stinky. (Don't mention how Missery has played a weaker schedule, or has played worse against said weaker schedule)-JL

MU-Nebraska matchup loaded with intrigue - Kansas City Star
Ok people here is how to react to everyone talking about MU beating NU in 03, 04, 07, and 08. Ask the person-
1) Who was MU's QB then? Also where is the rest of those offenses? Still playing?
2) Who was NU's coaching staff during all that? Notice any changes?
3) Same question for the tiggers.
3) Do you really freaking think that your cute little streak means anything? If so, did NU's home winning streak mean anything last year? -JL

While We Were Sleeping - Big Red Network
Are NU's bloggers the only one's talking about who Missery has played? -JL
Illinois, Missouri's opening week victim, took a bad loss at home to Penn State. Frank Solich's Ohio team beat Bowling Green by a touchdown, the same margin of victory for Missouri over the same team. Furman lost to Elon. At least Nevada had a good game against UNLV.

Nebraska returns tickets as MU nears sellout - Kansas City Star
Surprising? Is it because of the Thurs. game? Or are NU fans not enjoying Columbia? -JL

Tigers Host Cornhuskers in Big 12 Opener - MISSOURI OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE
Stats with a homerish tint.

Gary Pinkel Channels His Inner Schnellenberger
Tyler Gabbert a Husker? Gary Pinkel wants to change that, and flew into St. Louis to catch a bit of Tyler's game on Friday. His helicopter buzzed the field a couple of times before landing just before halftime.

OSU moves to No. 2 in Big 12 power rankings after OU's loss - Big 12 - ESPN
Listen I don't think any NU fans hate Gabbert for going to MU. (Now Missouri fans were throwing him under the bus left and right when he first committed to NU) -JL
4. Nebraska: Coach Bo Pelini begins Big 12 play with one of his toughest Big 12 games first as the Cornhuskers travel to Missouri on Thursday to start conference play -- a place where they haven’t won since 2001. The Cornhuskers’ defense has been emerging in recent weeks and will be the key for their effort on Thursday night. And, yes, the Cornhuskers might have a score to settle with new Missouri quarterback -- and former Nebraska commit -- Blaine Gabbert. CFN Ranking Of Every Team - Week 5
9. Nebraska 3-1 Last Week: Didn't Play This Week This Week: at Missouri Why the ranking is too high: The Huskers will probably lose at Missouri on Thursday night. The offense hasn't produced enough points against anyone with a pulse and it will have to prove it can keep up in a firefight, which it might be in Columbia. Why the ranking is too low: It took a miraculous last second pass for Virginia Tech to beat the Huskers, and if the D could've held firm, the ranking might be in the top five. Nebraska had an easy time against an Arkansas State team that gave Iowa a big push.

Steve Sipple: South Division Opponents Appear Less Daunting
On Saturday, Nebraska's future opponents from the South division didn't perform to pre-season expectations. Miami drove the ball on the Sooners, while Tech was sloppy against winless New Mexico. And we all know that Robert Griffin won't be wearing a Baylor uniform for Halloween.