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Help Corn Nation Help Nebraska Schools

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You may have noticed the sidebar that as a member blog of the SB Nation network, Corn Nation has chosen to participate in a social media contest to support public schools through a system where teachers can request financial support of a project and have people like you (and me) give them money directly to support it.

I'll be honest - I don't really care all that much about our social media contest. If a bunch of people who run fashion blogs beat our group.... well, that is embarrassing, isn't it?

Even so, I do care about the future of Nebraska youth because they are the chosen, the ones who will help us in winning the Big 12 North on a consistent basis, then after that, take over the world! 

Therefore, through the program, I hand-picked some causes below that we could support. All are in Nebraska. Please help Corn Nation support Nebraska kids by selecting the "Corn Nation" giving page on the left and give to the cause of your choice. I'm going to periodically bump this post's date and time stamp to through it back up on the front page throughout October.

Mastering "Lord of the Flies"

If you liked reading "Lord of the Flies" like I did in high school, this is a no brainer. You get to go around the rest of your life making references about "sharpening a stick at both ends" and referring to Blaine Gabberts as "Piggy" and some people will know what you're talking about!

If you didn't like reading "Lord of the Flies" this is your chance to inflict further torture on the next generation! Don't you get sick of the "Do it for the children" crowd after a while? If you're all about "torture the children by making them go through the same crap I had to", then this one is for you!

Saving Wildlife through Technology

This cause is looking for a good digital camera to photograph so they can take pictures of plants and animals to create a taxonomy catalog. Does that sound like torture to you? It does to me; therefore it's a good choice to support.

Ants in Our Pants

This teacher is asking for is a way for a first grade boy to move around while they're learning, getting the "ants in their pants" out of their system. What young boy didn't have ants in their pants when they were in first grade? There are a lot of classrooms where they'd rather solve the problem with Ritalin - perhaps restraining the creation of a future All Big 12 linebacker! We can't have that! Help them out!

Say Cheese

Another classroom asking for digital cameras, this time for low income kindergarteners. Doesn't sound like torture is involved here, but, hey, maybe this could inspire the next great sports photographer. You realize the inspiration has to come from somewhere, right?