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Nebraska vs Baylor - Postgame Overreaction: Positivity Ain't That Hard To Find!

Cobby woke up for a bit and here's what he told me:

My corny-sense tells me there is much negativity throughout Corn Nation. I can feel it now, yet it was not there in the first half! How can it be that such a mood swing happens in so short a time?

It is because of such feelings I feel compelled to be positive. To bring good tidings to you and your kind even though it seems a little early to cash it all in on the season when we don't know what the future brings.

It is not that I won't be critical when it's called for, if you doubt me, stop by for a game day thread. But I am as always a contrarian. There's a lot of positive to take away from this game, and that's where I'm going:

- It was a youth movement on offense. Cody Green got his first start, as did Khiry Cooper. We saw a lot of youth on offense, as Dontrayevous Robinson (D-Rob, D-Tray, Tray-Rob, all suggestions for a nickname, vote!) played a lot of this game. The offense actually fell down when (guy for whom I'd like a nickname) left the game. Kind of like losing Rex Burkhead, eh?

- Kyler Reed made a great play then left, Ben Cotton played, Lester Ward finally got some carries, and Brandon Kinnie got some time. Khiry Cooper made some plays.

- Holy Cow! That's a whole bunch of young ‘uns!!!

- In his first series, Cody Green made a play that Zac Lee could not or would not make when he scrambled for a first down. His long pass play to Niles Paul was a thing of beauty, wasn't it?

- Alfonzo Dennard. Why didn't I think much of him? I don't know, but after he was hurt, wow, the secondary was a lot worse than it was with him in there.

- Ricky Henry. Oh, dude. If you ever decide to play every down and get a brain, you'll be great. You're either dependable or a liability. And right now, you're a liability. Unfortunately, you must be the best right guard we have. Am I picking on Henry? Yes. Why? Because after hearing about how fiery he is, I expect greatness. Step it up, Ricky, you sluggard.

- I'm surprised that Zac Lee didn't play. I'm equally surprised Roy Helu continued to be put in the game. Rest the guy, get him ready for bigger games.

- Husker fans got what we asked for. Cody Green started. Young players played. The offense didn't play well in the second half. As fans, what did we expect? Perfect execution from the youngest guys on the team? If you did, then let me ask you this - when you started your job, did you do everything right the first week? Did you replace someone else who was fired for sucking? If you understand where I'm going here - then you get it. If you don't, then I can't help you. I can't. You're going to be angry and upset because we didn't win by 40 and there's not a damned thing anyone can do for you.

- What you will not see from me is this - no predictions for who's winning the Big 12 North the rest of the season. I'm going to take the same approach that the coaches ask from the team - take it one game at a time.

- After saying that, I have to say this: the Big 12 North is nuts. It's completely unpredictable and with today's win, Nebraska is in it. With a loss, we'd be out of it. So take heart, dammit!

We won this week! Forget that it was "Baylor". It's a win. Be Happy! That is my suggestion for you, Husker fan.

Next week's opponent is Oklahoma. If you think they'll kill us, if you think they'll destroy us, I'm going to tell you you're wrong. It will be a game, but don't think about it just yet. Wait ‘til Wednesday to start yer bitching.