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Corn Flakes Is Up

I like early games since you don't have to wait for the game, and you can plan on doing other things on your Sat, but I hate them if I'm going to the game, and trying to get posts up before hand.

What say you Big Red Internet? Do you like an early kick?

Anyway on to the links. You know as well as I do what needs to happen. NU needs to assert itself, get some confidence on offense and not turn the ball over 8 times, or even more than once. - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - Three things to watch: Nebraska at Baylor - Curt McKeever: Change needed, but is NU willing to take risk? -NU tries to shut out negativity - Steven M. Sipple: NU should finish atop scrap heap in North

NE - Five Keys to Baylor