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Corn Flakes: Ready for Baylor

Hearing rumors that Green will get the start at Baylor. -Steven M. Sipple: Clamping down in the secondary
Sipple talks about NU's emerging corner backs, Heisman, ex-Huskers, Baylor and then some facts and data. We don't find out if he enjoys long walks on the beach... - Husker defense not pointing fingers
Six consecutive games, the Blackshirts have allowed less than 278 total yards — Nebraska hasn't matched that feat since 1996.
Defense awesome, Offense not so much

Life in the Red's Blog | Breakfast with Marvin
Nothing really new here, but some notes fro the Big Red Breakfast

Should the Big 12's divisional structure be changed? - Big 12 - ESPN
Tim Griffin looks at possible re-configurations of the B12. It's not going to happen, but what would you do?

Is Nebraska on the Outside Looking In? - Nebraska Football
BRN looks at NU's Bowl predictions and how NU could finish the season. Could NU be home for the holidays? 2009 Big 12 Fearless Picks - Week 9
What will happen: Nebraska will still be shaky, but the defense will stop the Bears cold and the Husker offense will stop making mistakes. It’s not going to be pretty, but the slide ends here. CFN Prediction: Nebraska 27 … Baylor 13

Joe Posnanski " Blog Archive " Political Philosophy? Really?
Joe Posnanski is awesome. He asks is there a difference between lying, and telling a misleading truth? When i read it I thought about NU's QB debate when Bo says he doesn't know who the starter will be. Is that true or is that a lie, or just a misleading truth? Do you as a fan care?